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Are you visiting this page because you are looking for the information about XFINITY Netflix app? if it is yes, then you are in the right place. For those who do not know yet, XFINITY is the place when all your TV are in one place. With this one, you are able to stream live TV and XFINITY On Demand on any device, at home, or on the go, with the XFINITY Stream app.

Apparently, there are some XFINITY Netflix apps. Each of them is different depends on its function. The first one is XFINITY My Account. This is the free way to manage your XFINITY account anywhere and anytime. With this one, there will be no call needed. This one is such an easy and fast. With this app, you can access and personalize your WiFi name and password, check for service outages, troubleshoot or refresh the equipment, view and pay the bill, discover your tech’s arrival time, view the channel lineup and update the account whenever and wherever you want.

The second one is XFINITY Stream. All your TV will be all in one place with the XFINITY Stream App. you can stream live TV and XFINITY On Demand on any device at home or on the go. For those the X1 customers, you can also stream or download the cloud DVR shows to the device and watch anywhere you want.

The third one is XFINITY xFi. Go change the way you WiFi with the XFINITY xFi app. With this app, you can personalize and control your home WiFi network. You can also know who and what devices are online, make your own network name and password, optimize coverage and even pause WiFi access during dinner time.

The fourth one is XFINITY WiFi Hotspots. This one can locate and get directions to millions of XFINITY WiFi hotspots in cities nationwide. As addition, you can also enjoy enhanced security features at select hotspots.

The fifth one is XFINITY Mobile. This app is included with XFINITY Internet. You can get up to 5 lines of unlimited, nationwide talk and text at no extra cost. In this case, all you pay for is data. If you are interested on this app, you can choose between two ways to pay. Those are by the Gig or Unlimited  and easily switch between the two.

The sixth one is XFINITY Home. This one will help you to stay connected to your home and family. When you are installed this app, you will receive text and email alerts or access your system remotely.

The seventh one is XFINITY Connect. This one will make you to stay connected with the XFINITY Connect app to get the best out of your home phone service at home and on the go. Please enjoy unlimited talk and text, Caller ID across multiple screens and Readable Voicemail.

The last one is called XFINITY TV Remote. This app acts as the portable remote. With this app, you can use your smartphone or tablet as a remote control. It is such an easy way to change channels, browse XFINITY On Demand and TV listings, and even schedule your DVR when you’re away from home.

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