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Are you one of the subscribers of Netflix? As a subscriber of Netflix and a lover of movies, TV series, and TV shows, you have to know everything about it, including the the new ones. So, what is new on Netflix? to get the answer of the question, please read the entire article.

Apparently, Netflix does not show the new titles as they arrive in the different countries. If you are searching for the complete catalogue listing of what is new on Netflix around the World, this is the right place. So, what is new on Netflix worldwide? Here is the sample of what is new on Netflix worldwide today with the newest releases at the top.

The first one is Inside The American Mob: Season 1. This is the documentary series. This series reveal the secret world of the American mafia via archival footage and the first person accounts from law enforces and mafiosi. It is said that there is one rule when it comes to mafia which is you do not talk. As you know, rules are made to be broken.

The second one is  Top Gear: Extra Gear: Season 23. In this one, two host named Rory Reid and Chris Harris provide the inside look at the making of the popular motor show. For the automotive lovers, be sure to do not miss it.

The third one is Chef and My Fridge: Season 2017. As you can predict, this show is related to food. In this program, the best chefs of Korea go head to head to create the dishes. The dishes itself features the ingredients found inside the refrigerators of the guest starts. it is liek the impromptu dishes. Basically, celebrities who come should bring their fridges and personal food requests. Then, the chefs has about 15 minutes to satisfy some picky palates.

The fourth one is Harry and Bunnie: Season 1. This one is about the young wannabe magician and his shabby stage rabbit battle and sabotage each other while putting on the shows. Both of them perform the magic together. However, it does not mean that the two get along.

The fifth one is Fathers and Daughters. It is about the family. A man who is Pulitzer-winning author has a breakdown while raising his own daughter. Apparently, his wife has died. Several years later, his daughter cannot shake her painful childhood. That trauma cannot be erased from her memory. However, for the young woman who is struggling with life, the new view of the past is able to change it all.

The sixth one is The Keeping Room. This is the military drama. Directed by Daniel Barker, this movie is in the theme of the Civil War. The two rogue Union soldiers assail two Southern women and their slave near the end of the Civil War. They rally to hold their attackers at bay.the war itself has cost them their menfolk, their culture, and their dignity.

Are you ready to watch those movies and TV programs? Prepare your popcorn now be ready to watch all. please keep visiting the site to know what is new on Netflix.

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