Turn Off Netflix Subtitles

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On Netflix, you are able to watch international videos. It means you can see the subtitles with different languages. Sometimes, the existence of subtitles is perhaps bothering because you cannot see the entire picture of your favourite movie so that you want to get rid of the subtitles. If you want to turn off the subtitles on Netflix, you can do that in a simple way.

If your device is PC, Mac, Android, Wii U, iOS, or Nook, you are able to turn off the subtitles on Netflix by following the steps below.

  1. The first thing that you have to do is to click or tap to begin play Netflix video.
  2. Then, you need to click or tap the screen to display the playback controls and then find the Dialog icon.
  3. After that, choose “Subtitles” and then “Off”. When a pop up window opens, select “Done” to get back to the video.

If your device is Playstation or Xbox 360, follow these steps to turn off subtitles on Netflix.

  1. First, Choose the video to start playback.
  2. Hit “Down” on the game controller to display the playback options and then choose the “Audio and Subtitles” menu.
  3. Now, select “Off” from the subtitles menu.

If your device is Apple TV, you have to follow these steps to turn off the subtitles.

  1. First, go to the main menu by holding down the Menu button on the Apple TV remote.
  2. Choose “Settings” and “General” which then navigate to the Accessibility menu and select “Closed Captions + SDH”
  3. Now, Choose “Off” from the Closed Captions + SDH menu. Because Netflix employ the feature to permit subtitles for the streaming video, it means you have to turn it back on to see subtitles in the other shows.

If your device is Google TV, Roku, or various Blu-ray and streaming devices, you can turn off subtitles on Netflix by following the steps below.

  1. First, choose a video from the streaming library of Netflix. Before the video starts, an Options menu will display a variety playback preferences.
  2. Select “Audio and Subtitles” from the Options  menu and then choose “Off” from the Subtitles menu.
  3. After that, hit “Back” to get back to the main menu and then select “Play” to start playback. On a Google TV, you are able to simply select “Play” after you disable the subtitles.

It is easy to turn off subtitles on Netflix, isn’t it? If then you find that you cannot turn off the subtitles or closed captions on your Samsung Smart TV, it specifically refers to an issue with an outdated version of the Netflix app. You probably go through this issue intermittently or only on several movies or TV shows. If you try to change your subtitle options to None on your 2011 or 2012 Samsung Smart TV does not turn off subtitles, it is recommended to use another device to stream Netflix. Since this issue only happens on older versions of the Netflix app, you only can adjust your subtitle settings by using an alternate device.

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