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Submarine movie is a subgenre of war movie where the majority of the plot is about a submarine below the surface of ocean. The film like this usually focuses on a small but determined crew of submariners battling against enemy submarines of submarine-hunter ships, or against the other problems that ranges from disputes among the crew, threats of mutiny, life-threatening mechanical breakdowns or the daily difficulties of living on a submarine. If you look for any recommendations about submarine movies that you can watch on Netflix, you come to the right place. Here, we will give you some submarine movies that you can watch on Netflix. Here they are.

  1. The Enemy Below
  2. Below
  3. Submarine: Steel Boats: Iron Men
  4. Submarine: Hidden Hunter
  5. Run Silent – Run Deep
  6. 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea
  7. The Hunley
  8. Das Boot – The Director’s Cut
  9. The Abyss
  10. U-571
  11. Crimson Tide
  12. The Hunt For Read October

Now, let’s see the review of some movies above. The Enemy Below is a DeLuxe Color war movie in CinemaScope in 1957. This movie tells about the battle during World War II between the captain of an American destroyer escort and the commander of a German U-boat. This movie stars Robert Mitchum and Curt Jurgens. The movie that was based on a novel by Denys Rayner was directed by Dick Powell. Below is a World War II mystery horror movie of America. This movie is released in 2002 and was directed by David Twohy. It is about a United States Navy submarine which experiences a series of supernatural events when they are on patrol in the Atlantic Ocean in 1943. Submarine: Steel Boats: Iron Men is directed by David Hoffman and Kirk Wolfinger. This movie stars Edward L. Beach, Tom Clancy and Robert Lansing. A civilian movie crew goes along on a routine sea patrol of the United States nuclear-powered attack submarine USS Hyman G. Rickover. The submarine commanders that are retired and military experts also discuss the tactics and strategy of undersea warfare from early days of World War I to the revolutionary changes that was brought on by atomic power.

Submarine: Hidden Hunter is directed by Matthew Howe. It is about The U.S.S. Virginia that is the first of thirty planned attack submarines designed after the Cold War. This program gives the review of the designs of the United States’s prior attack submarines and the new post-Cold war threats and missions which make the new design necessary. Run Silent, Run Deep is a black and white war movie of America in 1958. It was directed by Robert Wise and starring Clark Gable and Burt Lancaster. This movie is based on the novel of the same name by Commander Edward L. Beach Jr. The title itself refers to ‘silent running’ that is a submarine stealth tactic. The story of this movie is about World War II submarine warfare in the Pacific Ocean and face with themes of endurance, vengeance, loyalty, courage, and honor and how these can b tested during wartime. To know more about the movies above, it is better if you watch them on Netflix now.

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