Stupid Movies on Netflix

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Watching funny movies is fun. But, the movie is funny or not it can be different from one person to another because every person has different sense of humor. If you subscribe Netflix, you can find a lot of choices of funny or stupid movies that perhaps can make you laugh out loud. In this article, we are going to give you some funny or stupid movies that are recommended for you to watch with your family, your friends or even alone. What are they? Here they are.

  1. Young Frankenstein

This movie is an American comedy horror movie in 1974. The movie that is starring Gene Wilder and Peter Boyle is an affectionate parody of the classic horror movie genre, particularly the various movie adaptations of novel from Mary Shelley, Frankenstein. To help raise the atmosphere of the earlier movie, Brooks shot the picture fully in black and white.

  1. Best in Show

This movie is categorized into an American mockumentary comedy movie. This movie was from 2000 and directed by Christopher Guest. This movie keeps up 5 entrants in a prestigious dog show and focuses on the slightly surreal interactions among the various owners and handlers when they travel to the show and then compete during the show. The depictions of the characters six months after the show is ended is also shown in this movie. It is starring Jennifer Coolidge, Christopher Guest, John Michael Higgins, Michael Hitchcock and many more.

  1. Dont’s Think Twice

This movie is an American comedy drama movie that was released in 2016. It was written and directed by Mike Birbiglia. In this movie, the Commune is an improv troupe in New York that is headed by Miles. The other members are Jack who is an improviser that is talented with a tendency to grandstand, Sam, Allison, Lindsay and Bill. One night, the group learns that staff from Weekend Live that is a Saturday Night Live style show, are attending a performance. Miles is very excited for anther opportunity to audition for the show, having auditioned and not been chosen years ago. So, what happen next? You can watch it on Netflix.

  1. Tommy Boy

This is an American road comedy that was released in 1995. The movie was directed by Peter Segal. It is starring Chris Farley, David Spade, Bo Derek, and Brian Dennehy. This movie tells about a socially and emotionally immature man that is Farley who learns lessons about friendship and also self-worth following the sudden death of his industrialist father.

  1. Burn After Reading

This movie is an American black comedy movie in 2008. It was directed by Joel and Ethan Coen. The movie stars George Clooney, John Malkovich, Frances McDormand, Tilda Swinton and also Brad Pitt. Dealt with a demotion at work because of a drinking problem, Osbourne Cox quits his job as a CIA analyst and then he decides to write a memoir. When his pediatric wife finds out, she sees it is a chance to file for divorce and continue her affair with a deputy U.S. Marshal.

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