PG 13 Horror Movies on Netflix

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Do you like watching horror movies? Well, if you like watching horror movies, you come to the right site. Here, we are going to give you some horror movies that you can watch on Netflix and all of these are rated PG-13. For fans of horror movies, a good horror movie is kind of a white whale. More are coming out, but because they are often censored to be more commercial, these kind of movies usually are kind of pulling a lot of punches. Well, what are PG 13 horror movies on Netflix? Here they are.

  1. Insidious

This is a supernatural horror movie that was released in 2011. It was directed by James Wan and stars Patrick Wilson, Rose Byrne, and Barbara Hershey. The story of the movie focuses on a couple whole son inexplicably gets into a comatose state and to be a vessel for ghosts in a dimension of astral who desire to inhabit his body.

  1. Insidious: Chapter 2

This is a sequel of Insidious that we have explained above. This sequel was released in 2013. Same as the previous sequel, this movie was also directed by James Wan. In this move, it is told that in 1986 Carl calls demonologist, Elise Ranier to assist find what is haunting Lorraine Lambert’s son named Josh. After she hypnotizes Josh, Elise tries to discover the location of a friend of Josh that is an old woman who comes up in the photographs of him.

  1. Drag Me To Hell

This is an American supernatural horror comedy movie in 2009. This movie was directed by Sam Raimi and stars Alison Lohman, Justin Long, Lorna Raver, Dileep Rao, David Paymer and Adriana Barraza. The story of this movie centers on a loan officer who since she has to prove to her boss that she is able to make the hard decisions, selects not to extend a gypsy woman’s mortgage. In retaliation, the woman places a curse on the loan officer that after 3 days of upgrading torment,will plunge her into the depths of Hell to burn for eternity.

  1. The Ring

The movie that was directed by Gore Verbinski was released in 2002. It stars Naomi Watts, Martin Henderson, and Brian Cox. This movie is actually a remake of Ringu, a Japanese horror movie that was produced in 1998. The movie is also based on the novel with the same name that was written by Koji Suzuki. In this movie, teenagers Katie and Becca talk an urban legend about a videotape that whoever watches it , they will die seven days after it. Katie admits that she watched the tape with her friends in the prior week.That night, Katie dies and Becca becomes insane.

  1. 1408

This movie was released in 2007. This psychological horror movie is based on the short story of the same name by Stephen King in 1999. The director of this movie is Mikael Hafstrom. It stars John Cusack, Samuel L. Jackson, Mary McCormack, and Tony Shalhoub. The movie is about an author named Mike Einslin who investigate allegedly haunted houses and rents the titular room 1408 at a hotel in New York City. Even though skeptical of the paranormal, he is immediately trapped in the room where he undergoes bizarre events.

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