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Netflix become the most popular app in the world. By using Netflix, we can watch our favorite movies, TV Shows, Stand-up comedies, Documentaries etc. As we know that on Netflix there are a lot of movies or TV Shows which should we watch. Currently, Netflix is available in many devices such as IPhone, Nintendo Wii, Android phone, PS4, Xbox 360, Smart TV, Xbox One, IPad, computer etc. Of course, it make us more enjoyable and easier to watch our favorite movie on our device. By the way, recently we get an email from our reader who asks about Netflix on DIRECTV. Does Netflix is available on DIRECTV? Well, based on this case, in this article we are going to discuss about Netflix on DirecTV. If you are really want to know about its explanation, you are able to see in the following text.

Actually, you will not get Netfllix on DIRECTV because Netflix is not available in DIRECTV right now. Your TV does not have a built in Netflix App and neither does Direct TV. Netflix is only supported on the open sources. If you are really want to get Netflix to stream and then play on your TV, so you need a device which supports it. In addition, we will explain about the list of ways to get Netflix.

1.      Video game consoles: Nintendo Wii/Xbox/PS3

2.      Smart TV, Apple TV, Android TV Box, Amazon Fire TV or Roku.

3.      Internet connected devices: Chrome Cast Via Smart Phone, BluRay player or Google Nexus Player.

We are able to conclude that you have to buy a supported device in getting Netflix on your DIRECTV. You have to know that As of August 2010, Netflix works with three streaming players. Those are Roku Streaming Player, Seagate Free Agent Theater + HD Media Player and WD TV Live Plus HD Media Player. So, you are able to use Roku in order to get Netflix on DIRECTV. How to watch Netflix movies on a DIRECTV? You can follow these steps below.

1.      At the first step, you have to plug in the streaming player to a power outlet. For example you use Roku Streaming Player to connect with Netflix.

2.      After that please connect the streaming player and the television by using the red, yellow and white input or output plugs. Then put each colored plug into the corresponding hole.

3.      The next step, you are able to turn on the television.

4.      If necessary you are able to use the ethernet cable to connect from your Internet router to the television. Then if you use your streaming player’s Wi-Fi, so set up the Wi-Fi connection according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

5.      The last you are able to select which movies or TV Shows you want to watch from Netflix.

This is the way to watch Netflix movies on a DIRECTV. If you want to try it, you are able to follow the steps above. We hope this article is benefit for you. 

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