Netflix Not Working on Roku

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Netflix is a streaming provider which permits people to watch movies, documentaries and the other shows by using the help of internet connection. To watch the shows on Netflix, you just need a device with Netflix app. Netflix app is available on many devices such as Smart TVs, streaming media players, set-top boxes, Blu-ray players, and also game consoles. You can get more information about compatible devices and brands at In case you want to find out whether your TV has Netflix or not, you can check it. If there is no Netflix button on your device, you are able to find the Netflix app with the other internet apps and services. If you need help to discover the app, look for Help Center for Using Netflix on, and then it is followed by the brand name of your TV.

Netflix teams up with manufacturers so that the app is easy to find and use. For most Tvs, the app of Netflix can be seen from the main menu or home screen. If your TV has an app store, you are able to try to search for Netflix to check whether the app is available. Sometimes, you need to update your device to discover and install the app of Netflix. In case you do not know how to update it, you are able to check your owner’s manual or contact the manufacturer. Making sure the TV is up to date will simply ensure that you possess all available apps that include Netflix.

Do you watch Netflix on Roku? Well, sometimes perhaps you deal with some problems when you try to watch on Netflix using your Roku. In this article, we are going to discuss about that. Have you seen an error message that says, “Unable to complete requested action. Your Roku is unable to complete your requested action at this time…”? If you face this issue, you do not have to worry. It doesn’t mean that Netflix does not work on your Roku. You just have to fix it and you can do that by yourself. To fix this issue, you can deactive and reactive the Netflix app. How to do that? Follow the steps below.

  1. First, you have to hit the button of Home to navigate to the Roku Home menu.
  2. Second, choose Settings.
  3. After that, choose Netflix Settings.
  4. Now, choose Deactive this player from my Netflix account.
  5. Next, select Yes and now your device is deactivated.
  6. In this stage, exactly from the Home screen, you have to choose Netflix. In case Netflix is missing, you are able to visit Roku’s support site for more help.
  7. Now, choose Yes on the question that says ‘Are you a member of Netflix?’.
  8. Then, a code will come up. At last, you have to enter this activation code at

So, guys, if next time you face some issues related to your Netflix on your Roku, do not think that Netflix does not work on Roku anymore. You can check first by yourself by following the steps above. If you need more help, you can visit Netflix site in the Help page.

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