How to Sign Out of Netflix on Xbox

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Netflix is a streaming service that provides a lot of shows. You can watch the shows on Netflix without having to watch any commercials. Netflix offers 3 membership plans that includes Basic Plan, Standard Plan and Premium Plan. The membership is differed based on the number of screen and also video quality that you will receive. The streaming software of Netflix permits you to watch content instantly from Netflix via any internet connected devices which offers the Netflix app such as smart TVs, game consoles, smartphones, tablets, or even streaming media players.

If you use Xbox to watch the shows of Netflix, and then you do not know how to sign out, you come to the right place. In this article, we are going to give some steps to sign out of Netflix on Xbox. You can sign out by using the support menu of Netflix app. The steps are below.

1.       First, you need to open the Netflix app on your Xbox console.

2.       Then, enter the code to access the support menu.

3.       Now, choose the Sign Out option that is located at the bottom of the resulting menu. You will have to scroll to the bottom by hitting down on the D-pad or the left analog stick.

4.       At last, tap “A” button to sign out. It will promptly sign you out of your Netflix account and return you to the sign-in page.

You can also sign out by using an Xbox One.  Here are the steps.

1.       First, you have to open the Netflix app on your Xbox One.

2.       Second, choose the account that you wish to access. After selecting this account, you can open the settings and log out from there.

3.       Now, tap the B button on your controller. This way will bring up the Netflix menu.

4.       In this stage, you need to press the analog stick right until you choose ‘settings’. Now, you can open the setting menu.

5.       Tap A button on your controller and it will open the setting menu of Netflix.

6.       Last, choose the Log Out option.

You can also sign out by using an Xbox S and Xbox 360. Here are the steps.

1.       First, you have to open the Netflix app. Both the Xbox 360 and the Xbox S use the similar process for accessing the settings menu and also logging out.

2.       After that, you need to press the left analog stick up and it will bring up the menu bar.

3.       Choose the settings gear. You are able to do this by hitting the left analog stick left or right to navigate through the menu bar choices, and stop if the settings gear is highlighted.

4.       Now, tap A to open the settings menu. Actually, you can log out of your account from here.

5.       Then, choose the Sign Out option. Tap A once you have done so, you will be prompted to confirm your choice.

6.       Last, tap A over the Yes option.

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