How to Find Hidden Movies on Netflix

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Recently, we get email from our readers who ask about the way to find hidden movies on Netflix. By the way, do you know how to find hidden movies on Netflix? Actually, there are a lot of hidden movies on Netflix which can you unlock. It is the secret menu list of categories like Drama, Anime, Romance movies, Comedy, Action, Adventure, Foreign movies, Horror movies, Documentaries, etc. Of course, it is very interesting if you are able to find hidden movies on Netflix and watch it. If you get hidden movies, so you can use hidden codes to make searching the extensive streaming site easier. Well, in this article we are going to discuss about the way to find hidden movies on Netflix. Are you interest to know it? If you are interest to know the way to find hidden movies on Netflix, please read the following explanation.

There is an easy way to find hidden movies on Netflix. It is by searching codes manually. To do that, you have to check out the subgenres and the corresponding codes. To browse by one of the secret genre movie categories, you are able to use the URL below:

Please replace “INSERTNUMBER” with the code of the genre movie you want to browse. There are many Netflix codes. In addition, we want to share the list of Netflix codes.

Horror Movies (8711)      

1.      B-Horror Movies (8195)

2.      Creature Features (6895)

3.      Cult Horror Movies (10944)

4.      Deep Sea Horror Movies (45028)

5.      Romantic Movies (8883)

6.      Supernatural Horror Movies (42023)

7.      Teen Screams (52147)

8.      Vampire Horror Movies (75804)

9.      Werewolf Horror Movies (75930)

10.  Zombie Horror Movies (75405)

Action & Adventure (1365)

1.      Asian Action Movies (77232)

2.      Classic Action & Adventure (46576)

3.      Action Comedies (43040)

4.      Action Thrillers (43048)

5.      Crime Action & Adventure (9584)

6.      Foreign Action & Adventure (11828)

7.      Martial Arts Movies (8985)

8.      Military Action & Adventure (2125)

9.      Adventures (7442)

10.  Comic Book and Superhero Movies (10118)

Comedies (6548)       

1.      Dark Comedies (869)

2.      Foreign Comedies (4426)

3.      Late Night Comedies (1402)

4.      Mockumentaries (26)

5.      Teen Comedies (3519)

6.      Satires (4922)

7.      Romantic Comedies (5475)

8.      Slapstick Comedies (10256)

9.      Political Comedies (2700)

10.  Screwball Comedies (9702)

Romantic Movies (8883) 

1.      Romantic Favorites (502675)

2.      Steamy Romantic Movies (35800)

3.      Classic Romantic Movies (31273)

4.      Romantic Comedies (5475)

5.      Quirky Romance (36103)

6.      Romantic Independent Movies (9916)

7.      Romantic Foreign Movies (7153)

8.      Romantic Dramas (1255)

Dramas (5763)    

1.      Biographical Dramas (3179)

2.      Classic Dramas (29809)

3.      Courtroom Dramas (528582748)

4.      Crime Dramas (6889)

5.      Sports Dramas (7243)

6.      Gay & Lesbian Dramas (500)

7.      Independent Dramas (384)

8.      Teen Dramas (9299)

This is some list of Netflix codes. Actually there is another way to find hidden movies on Netflix. It is by searching through Chrome extension. Try to browse by using the Netflix Categories extension for Chrome and find hidden movies on Netflix. Unfortunately, it is not all hidden movies can you find there.

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