How to Clear Netflix History

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Netflix is one of the popular apps. There are a lot of people use Netflix to watch movies, TV Show, Documentaries and more. Netflix is available in almost every device such as Android, computer, Xbox one, Xbox 360, Nintendo Wii and more. By the way, do you are a user of Netflix? What is your favorite movie or TV Shows on Netflix? As we know that through Netflix, the people are able to watch their favorite movies based via internet streaming on their device. Actually, Netflix is the mostly famous in North and South America. Talk about Netflix we remind that there are some people who ask us about how to clear Netflix history. If you want to clear your Netflix history, you are able to follow these steps below.

  1. At the first step, to clear Netflix history, you have to visit the Netflix site via a browser on your personal computer or PC.
  2. The second step, you have to log in, and then click on the icon for your account which sits in the upper right part of the screen.
  3. The next step, you have to select your account from the dropdown menu.
  4. Then, you are able to scroll down the page until you are able to find the My Profile section.
  5. Afterwards, In My Profile section, there you are going to see some options such as language, Playback settings, subtitle appearance, viewing activity, ratings and review. To see Netflix history, you have to click “viewing activity”. So, please click on “viewing activity.
  6. Wait a few seconds, then you are going to be presented with the list of all the movies or TV shows which you have watched recently.
  7. There, you are able to see every episode of every show that you have watched include the date when you watched it.
  8. To clear the movie or show in your Netflix history forever, all you need to click the little “X” and then press confirm. Next, simply you are able to click the X Symbol to the right of its name and all evidence of your media malfeasance that are going to be cleared.
  9. Finally, you have done clear your movie or TV show in your Netflix history.

That is the method to clear your Netflix history. We think it is easy way to do it. In addition, we will also explain how to change language on Netflix. Now you are able to find out its way. If you are on the homepage of Netflix, you just need to hover over your name and click on your account. After that, you have to scroll down to the “my profile” section and you are going to see the language tab. Then you have to click on that and it is going to take you to the language settings. In the language tab, there are some languages such as Nederlands, Norsk bokmal, Portugues, Suomi, Dansk, Deutsch, English, Espanol, Francais, Italiano and more. Now, you can choose your desired language. If you want to choose English language, so you just need to click “English”. Click “Save” and then Netflix is going to be in English language.

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