How Much is Netflix Worth

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There are a lot of people uses Netflix to watch movies, TV shows, documentaries, comedy special etc. Currently, Netflix is available in many devices such as Android phone, IPhone, Computer, IPad, Smart TV, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS4, Nintendo Wii etc. As the largest and popular entertainment company, Netflix has many subscribers from all over the world. Based on the research, at the moment Netflix has 103.95 million subscribers. By the way, how much is Netflix worth? According to the research, currently Netflix worth is over one hundred billion. Of course, it is the fantastic value. Even, with 103.95 million subscribers, Netflix is able to get more than it. In this article, we will also share the list of Netflix statistics according to research.

1.      Amount of Netflix subscribers: It is 103.95 million subscribers.

2.      Amount of Netflix International subscribers: It is 34 million subscribers.

3.      Amount of Netflix subscribers in United State: It is 49.4 million subscribers.

4.      The percentage of Netflix users that come from outside the United State: It is 47%.

5.      Average amount of video users that watch on Netflix per week: It is 1 billion hours.

6.      Average number of Netflix viewers per subscriber: It is 2.5 viewers.

7.      Average mount Netflix subscribers pay hour of content viewed: $0.20.

8.      Number of hours Netflix users that watched in 2005: It is 42.5 billion streaming hours.

9.      Number of hours per month that users spend watching Netflix: It is 10 billion hours.

There are many people from all over the world use Netflix to watch their favorite movies or TV shows. There are many reasons which make a lot of people use Netflix, one of the reasons because Netflix has four great features. Do you know what any four great features? Let us see its great features of Netflix in the text below.

1.      The first great feature of Netflix, there is no advertisement on Netflix. Of course, it makes a lot of people subscribe to Netflix. If you are watching TV shows, movies or documentaries on Netflix, you will not find the advertisement. So you will enjoy and have fun.

2.      The second great feature of Netflix, by using Netflix, you are able to watch any content anywhere on your favorite device.

3.      The third great feature of Netflix, by using Netflix, you are able to watch all season without a break.

4.      The last great feature of Netflix, Netflix has the huge database of movies, documentaries, TV shows or special comedy.

This is four great features of Netflix. We hope this article is useful for you. Do not forget to watch new movies and TV Shows on Netflix in November 2017 such as The Bittersweet, The Pursuit of Happyness, The Reader, The Whole Nine Yards, Under Arrest: Season 7, Where the Day Takes You, To Rome with Love, Undercover Grandpa, Casper, Chappie, Charlotte’s Web, Field of Dreams, Men in Black, Michael Clayton, Silent Hill, Stranger: Season 1 etc. Happy watching

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