Female Comedians on Netflix

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Some people prefer watching male comedians than female comedians. It is because usually male comedians are more funny. But, you have to know that actually there are a lot of female comedians that are so funny and worth it to watch them. In this article, we are going to give you some information related to female comedians in which the show can be watched on Netflix. Who are they? Here they are.

1.       Chelsea Peretti

Chelsea Peretti is an American comedian, actress and also a writer. She was born on February 20, 1978. She is famous for portraying Gina Linetti on the Fox comedy series, Brooklyn Nine-NineOne of the Greats keeps it simple, Peretti wakes up there and stays true to herself and she lets us know that she will tell it like it is. She draws strongly from observational humor to criticize old stereotypes of female comedians and sweeps aside any preconceptions about regarding to women in comedy and women in life.

2.       Whitney Cummings

An American comedian and also actress who her birth name is Whitney Ann Cummings is famous for the creator and star of the NBC sitcom Whitney and also the co-creator of the CBS sitcom 2 Broke Girls.

3.       Ali Wong

Alexandra Wong or known as Ali Wong is an American actress, writer and also stand-up comedian. A woman who was born on April 19, 1982 is noted for her Netflix stand up special Baby Cobra and also her TV appearances in American HousewifeAre You ThereInside Amy SchumerChelsea?, and Black Box. Her comedy show that is Baby Cobra is very fantastic. She delivers it with searing honesty and impeccable delivery. She tackles on oncoming motherhood, sex and also feminism in this hour long special.

4.       Amy Schumer

She is an American stand up comedian, actress, writer and also producer. She was born on June 1, 1981. She is a woman who do not need introduction. The star of Trainwreck and Inside Amy Schumer, she has painted herself as an iconic, unapologetic female comedian. Leather Special shows off her classic irreverence and raunchiness. Amy Schumer is a comedian who is not afraid to wear a suit that is made wholly from leather and can balance the jokes about diarrhea with serious problem such as gun control.

5.       Maria Bamford

A woman who has a birth name Maria Elizabeth Sheldon Bamford is an American stand up comedian, actress and also voice actress. She was born on September 3, 1970. She is famous for her portrayal of her dysfunctional family and self deprecating comedy that involves jokes about depression and also anxiety. Bamford delivers awkward and poignant comedic material by using her experiences with family trauma, mental illness, and the other problems that we do not want to talk about. In her stand up special called Old Baby, she exhibits us that telling the similar joke is never the same every time and she thinks that an audience of 4 family members is just as important as one thousand strangers in a renowned theater.

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