Best War Movies on Netflix

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Everyone has their own favourite movie genre. Some people like watching horror movie or romance movie but some others like watching thriller or comedy movie. On Netflix, you can watch whatever movies that you want. If you like war movie and then you want to watch it, you can do it on Netflix. In this article, we are going to give you some best war movies that are worth it to watch. Here they are.

·         Hyena Road (2015)

The production from our neighbor to the north follows a team of snipers in enemy territory who get caught in the crossfire between radical freedom fighter that known as the Ghost and the local Taliban presence. The director, Paul Gross, has a goal to show the war at its most personal, whether it is an act of revenge or a bid for self-salvation. Gross has the technical chops to create the suspenseful scenes crackle with tension and his cast of actors that are mostly Canadian stalwarts little-known in the US, use their relative anonymity to melt into the roles. We are still waiting for the real world to tell us if this movie has a happy ending.

·         The Longest Day (1962)

This movie takes great care to catch every moving part in massive war machine. It makes use of each minute of its three hours. The personnel communicates the staggering scope of this thing: 3 different directors were credited, one handling the British and French material, another for the American plot thread and a third for the Germans. The big ensemble cast contains people from John Wayne to Sean Connery to Henry Fonda as well.

·         The Desert Fox (1951)

We do not know if the officer of Nazi, Erwin Rommel, was really a part of the convert campaign to assassinate Hitler and historians have differing opinions on whether he was really the morally sound dissenter this movie makes him out to be. But, the thing that we know for sure is James Mason is in top form as the ambivalent general, bringing his strong and silent star image to a story of shrewd courage. Mason gives one of his classic man’s-man performances to show the tortured soldier torn between a sense of pragmatic Manichean good and a loyalty to his country and brothers in arms.

·         Beasts of No Nation (2015)

The war in this movie does not have name, start or end point. Violence that is organized is a way of life in one of Africa’s more politically turbulent pockets and gangs like the one that headed by Idris Elba who is ruthless and play the warlord are not all that uncommon. But, Fukunaga makes us very close with those act by concerning the attention on one young boy’s forced conscription and moral fall from grace.

Make sure that you do not miss those movies on your Netflix. If you need more war movies, there are Downfall (2004), A War (2015), and Inglorious Basterds (2009) that are also recommended to watch.

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