Best Series to Watch on Netflix

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Some people like watching movie because they can complete it in a time. But, some others like watching series because they like waiting another episode that makes them curious and also it has its own sensation. For you who like watching series on Netflix, here we have some recommended series to watch on Netflix.

  • F is for Family (2 seasons, 16 episodes)

This animated series is set in 1973. It is based on Bill Burr’s childhood experiences in Massachusetts and it is not a mainly original family sitcom. But, it is deceptively smart, hilarious profane, and pays great attention to the details of the 1970s. This series will come up to anyone who shares Bill Burr’s worldview that is dark, unapologetically politically incorrect and honest. Even though this series contains vulgarity and crude animation, but it also boasts a few poignant turns that border on heartbreaking. For people of Burr’s age, this series really captures what it was like to grow up in the early 1970s.

  • One Day at a Time (1 season, 13 episodes)

This series is a remake of a sitcom in 1970s that was produced iconic television producer, Norman Lear. This series manages to not only match the predecessor but improve upon it miraculously. This new version centers on a Cuban America family that is headed by a single mother (Justina Machado). She raises three children with the help of her mother (Rita Moreno). This is broad jokes and laugh track feels somewhat out of place on the streaming service. Nevertheless, the jokes still land and the characters connect in an honest way as they try to live on a modest nurse’s salary and maintain their Cuban heritage while adapting to modern progressivism. This sitcom is more poignant than it is funny. But, it is warm, loving look at hard of single parenting which resonates as much in 2017 as it did in the 70s.

  • 13 Reasons Why (1 season, 13 episodes)

This series has an intriguing hook: A teenage girl, Hannah, takes her life and leaves behind a suicide note in the form of 13 tapes, each one directed at a specific individual at least partially responsible for the decision to kill herself. Then, the tapes are passed around to the 13 people who have to face the guilt that they feel for the role they played in her death and also keep their secrets hidden as the contents of the tape threaten to destroy relationships and cost the school millions in an ongoing lawsuit.

  • Orange is the New Black (5 seasons, 65 episodes)

This series is as funny as Weeds in its early years. But, Kohan has found a method to infuse poignancy to the all vibe of the stories. The diverse, engaging ensemble cast is chock-full of fan favourites. While this series traffics in stereotypes, it challenges and complicates them as well. The writing of this series is brilliant, the acting is fabulous and the storylines are addictive. Watching this series will make you laugh and think and sometimes it will break your heart.

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