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Anime is a word of Japanese for computer animation or hand drawn animation. The word is pronunciation that is abbreviated of ‘animation’ in Japanese and the term actually refers to all animation. But, outside Japan, ‘anime’ is used to refer specifically to animation that comes from Japan. A lot of people like watching anime. Those who love watching anime usually will fall in love as well with the culture, language and anything else that relates to Japan. Well, what is your favourite anime? If you subscribe Netflix, you can watch anime that you want. Here, we are going to give you some best anime on Netflix that can be a reference to watch. What are they? Here they are.

  1. Death Note

This anime was released in 2006 and created by Tsugumi Ohba and Takeshi Obata. For you who are a passing interest in anime, this supernatural thriller is a must-see. A student named Light Yagami posses a notebook with the power to bring death upon anybody whose name is written in it. Then, Light decides to use this book for the things that he thinks good that is ridding the world of terrible people. But, this action has consequences. You will be sucked into this anime quickly if you are a Dexter fan. But, if you are not, the series is highly addictive.

  1. Inuyasha

This anime is created by Rumiko Takahashi in 2001. Inuyasha is a demon-heavy time-travel saga that based on the manga by Rumiko Takahashi (Ranma 1/2, Urusei Yatsura). The life of Kagome Higurashi becomes a weird turn when the teenager falls down a well and ends up in the Warring States period of Japan, where she deals with half-demon Inuyasha. When she goes back and forth between the past and the modern world, she learns many thing about who she really is while facing a host of unusual characters and several frightening battles. This anime combines many different elements from its beginning as an adventure of Wonderland style through the evolution as a romantic comedy that meets action series.

  1. Puella Maggi Madoka Magic

This anime is created by Akiyuki Shinbo and usually the fans call this anime as Madoka. This dark tale focuses magical girls, the anime fan lingo for girls with super heroic powers. But, never think that it is an average heroes save the day show. As a matter of fact, this can be tragic. Madoka focuses on turmoil which unfolds when the girls sacrifice more than they expect taking on their roles and also world savers. One girl struggle to decide if she has to agree or not to get into the magical girl life.

  1. Mushi-shi

This anime is created by Yuki Urushibara. Different from the other anime, Mushi-shi trades uproarious action and slapstick comedy in for a sluggish and wise tone.

Beside those anime, the other titles of anime are also recommended to watch. Those are Gurren Lagann, Samurai Champloo, Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, Eureka Seven, Bleach, Attack on Titan, Nana, and Psycho-Pass.┬áSo, what’s title do you like?

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