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It is Halloween time. Halloween means that everyone is firing up the search engines with looks for “the best horror movies”. Talking about horror, zombie is still one of the favorites. Nowadays, zombie movies are such common with sub-genre being saturated by the poor quality movies with such boring plots and bad actors. The good apocalypse movies, especially the ones with zombies are always the good option. here is the list of zombie movies on Netflix for you to enjoy.

The first recommended zombie movie on Netflix is Train to Busan. It is a 2016 movie. this movie tells about a man named Sok Woo who is boarding the KTX with his beloved daughter named Soo Ahn. For your information, KTX is a fast train. He takes KTX from Seoul to Busan. The apocalypse begins during his their trip. In the movie, it is shown that most of the earth’s population becomes zombies.

Usually, most of the movie takes place inside the train as it can be a little difficult to film in the outside. The amazing thing is that Sang Ho Yeon takes it to another level by filming it inside the train. The visual effects are also fantastic. This one is not only the action packed but also has a good dose of melodrama. You can feel the relationship of father and daughter and the script intriguing. A lot of zombie movies lack of realness but you can exclude Train to Busan on the list.

The second one is The Rezort. The Rezort itself is the name of a safari park. In the movie, humans are once again in control after the the near apocalypse zombie oubreak. The guests of that safari park are offered the opportunity to kill as many zombies in the controlled environment. The Rezort has the unusual and original plot. Even though this movie was made with low budget, it has incredible makeup effects and camera work. The character development also so good so you will not feel bored during the entire movie. it is such a fresh one as there is the freshness to the genre despite some performances.

The third zombie movie on Netflix you should watch is entitled Contracted. This movie tells about a young woman. She goes to a party. After being drugged and raped, that girl contracts what she believes is he STD. In fact, it is actually worst than that. This horror is such an unexpected and a unique one. You will not be bored and will keep awaken the whole time. Contracted focuses more on the mental and physical transformation of that main girl instead of exploring how she affected by the disease. It really focuses on the main character.

The fourth one is Night of the Living Deb. It is about a girl named Deb who wakes up after the girl’s night out in the apartment of the most attractive guy in the entire Portland named Maine. Maine rushes her out the door in the morning into the zombie apocalypse. Suddenly, this thing becomes the fight for survival. Night of the Living Deb is such a smart zombie plus comedy with he god writing and several cliches avoided.

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