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Do you like watching movies and TV shows? Where do you usually watch them all? in this 21t century, watching those things can be done with Internet. Netflix will probably come to the mind of most people whenever watching movies or TV shows being mentioned. Netflix is the leader of Internet entertainment service with more than 109 members in over 190 countries. Every subscriber of Netflix is able to enjoy more than 125 million hours of television programs and movies each day such as the original series, documentaries, and feature films. With those facts, Netflix has become one of the most favorite video streaming service providers. It is such an amazing state. By the way, who owns Netflix?

The owner of Netflix is a man named Reed Hastings. He is the founder and the CEO of Netflix. Wilmot Reed Hastings, Jr. Was born on October 8th, 1960 in Boston, Massachusetts, the United State. He is a son of Joan Amory (Loomis) and Wimot Reed Hastings. When he was a kid, he attended Buckingham Browne and Nichols High School in Cambridge, MA. Then, he entered Marine Corps officer training and also spend the summer in Officer Candidate School at Quantico, Virginia.

Once Hastings graduated from Browdoin College, he joined the Peace Corps and taught math in a high school in Swaziland from the year 1983 to 1985. After returning, he attended Stanford University and then graduated in 1988 with the master’s degree in computer science. This Netflix thing started when Hastings and the co-founder of Netflix named Marc Randolph offered the flat rate movie rental by mail to the customers in 1997 in the United States. At that time, Netflix had more than 100,000 titles collection and more than 93 million subscribers.

Apparently, Hastings has benefited from the recent success of Netflix. his earning is nearly $300 million, according to Forbes. The net of Hastings worth currently stands at $2.2 billion. This data is mentioned by Forbes’ ranking of the world’s billionaires. It is such the high record for the 56 year old founder of Netflix who owns nearly 12 million shares of Netflix. According to Forbes, the prior to the earnings report led Netflix stock to jump, the net of Hastings worth stood at $1.91 billion.

Reed Hastings is not only the successful CEO and the founder of one of the most successful video streaming service providers in the whole world. Aside from an American entrepreneur, this man is also a philanthropist. Netflix is not the only company he is in. Since June 2011, he has been a director of the board of Facebook. The report says that he own more than US$ 10 million worth of Facebook shares as of September 2016. It seems like Netflix and Facebook are not enough so he also served on the board of Microsoft from 2007 to 2012. To make it balance, he has a number of non-profit organizations. In addition, he is also the advocate for the education reform through charter school.

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