When Did Netflix Start?

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Do you like watching movies at home? If the answer to the question is yes, then you might ever heard about Netflix. If you are one of the subscribers of Netflix, it will be good for you to know more about Netflix. How is the history of Netflix? When did Netflix start? Please keep reading this article to know more about it.

Netflix can be counted as one of the most successful American entertainment companies. This company was founded by Reed Hastings and Marc Randolph in Scotts Valley, California on August, 29th in the year of 1997. This popular company specializes in and provides the streaming media and video on demand online and DVD by email. In the year of 2013, Netflix spread its wings into the film and television production as well as the online distribution. Netflix moved its headquarter from Scott Valley, California to 100 Winchester Circle, Los Gatos, California in the year of 2017. Aside from the major office, it also has the other offices in the Netherlands, Brazil, India, Japan, and Korea.

The initial business model of Netflix included the DVD sales and rental. As stated before, it expanded its business to the streaming media with the DVD and Blu-ray rental service stand still. Aside from local, Netflix expanded internationally. The streaming was started available in Canada in 2010. By January 2016, this service operated in over 190 countries.

In the year of 2013, Netfix started the content production with the series named House of Cards as debut. In the year of 2016, this company released the estimated 126 original series or films. This amount is more than any other network or cable channel.

Netflix had more than 100 million subscribers worldwide per October 2017. It keeps the effort to produce the new content, secure the rights for the additional contect, and diversify through 190 countries. With those facts, it has resulted in the company ranking up in debt $21.9 billion per September 2017.

Here are the key dates related to Netflix. in 1997, Netflix was formed in California by Reed Hastings and Marc Randolph. In 1998, the company started offering the DVD rentals and sales. In 1999, the sales are halted. In the same year, Group Arnault invested $30 million in the form and the subscription plan debuts. In 2000, the revenue share deals were signed with Warner Brothers and Columbia film studios. In the same year, CineMatch was also introduced. In 2001, Netflix formed a partnership with Best Buy that gave Netflix exposure in the chain’s 1,800 stores. In 2002, Netflix went public and changed the name to Netflix, Inc. In 2003, the subscribers reached 1,000,000. In 2007, the video streaming services was introduced. In 2011, the Qwikster Decision announced and then Scrapped.

Netflix which is known as the biggest online DVD movie rental service offers more than 26,000,000 members access to over 100,000 titles. The main appeal of it is the easy way to choose movies and fast and free delivery.

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