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Are you a movie and television program lover? If you are thinking of subscribing the good video streaming service with the reasonable rates and wide selection of offerings, then you have to consider Vudu and Netflix. Both service providers are among the big names in the industry. In order to help you to determine which one is best for your needs, please read this entire article to discover more about the top features, benefits, and limitation of each.

You will get several advantages if you subscribe Netflix and Vudu. One of the pros of Netflix is that it is available through most streaming devices such as Blu-ray players, computers, Internet-connected televisions, and a lot of gaming systems. For you who prefer watching content in the devices like Android and iOS, there are also the apps available. Those apps can make it possible to watch content anywhere at almost anytime. Fortunately, Vudu is also available on all of devices mentioned above.

When it comes to the fee, a streaming  account of Netflix costs you a flat fee each month and gives you the access to the continually shifting and growing library of digital content. Once you subscribed, you are able to view as much of the content as your streaming and download limits allow for one low monthly price. Meanwhile, Vudu there is no monthly subscription fee on Vudu. Instead, it works on the pay-per-view basis. Vis Vudu, you are able to rent the movies or purchase them to the store in the digital library. In this case, you can view it whenever you want. The price of the purchase is about the same as purchasing the movie on the store.

The other pros of Netflix include it has the largest selection of streaming video, it is available to stream on multiple devices at the same time, individual profiles can be set up for different members of the family, it recommends the shows that you might like based of the last viewing and ratings, you can set the profile for children under 12 so it will prevent them from viewing the inappropriate content.

It is the time to talk about Vudu more. There are the new release movies and TV series on Vudu. With Vudu, you are able to set the Parental Controls for the desired show ratings. You can also convert a lot of Blu-ray videos into the digital version that is stored in th Uktra Violet on Vudu in the digital library.

Aside from those strong points, Netflix and Vudu also have the the weakness. The cons of Netflix are Netflix content is six to eight months old by the time it is available for streaming, you pay the monthly fee even if you use little content, and so on. Via Vudu, watching the whole series can be expensive. Apparently, purchasing the package deal can be a help. There is the limited time to watch he rentals. It is said that  you can stream in separate devices. However, you still pay for the individual shows.

After reading the pros and the cons of Netflix and Vudu, which one are you going to choose?

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