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There are a lot of vampire shows on Netflix. Do you like watching vampire shows on Netflix? What is your favorite vampire shows on Netflix? Vampire movie such as “Twilight” and “Supernatural” become the most popular vampire movies. There are many people like wathing these vampire movies. Talk about vampire movie, so in this article we are going to discuss about vampire shows on Netflix. Do you know what any vampire shows on Netflix? Well, if you are curious to know it, let us see its list in the text below.

1.      Buffy the Vampire Slayer

“Buffy the Vampire Slayer” is one of vampire shows on Netflix. It is a supernatural drama which created by Joss Whedon. “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” was original released on March 10, 1997 – May 20, 2003. This show tells about Buffy who battled the vampires, the demons and the forces of darkness. In this show, there are the starring such as Sarah Michelle Gellar, Nicholas Brendon, Charisma Carpenter, Alyson Hannigan and more. It has 7 seasons and 144 episodes.

2.      The Vampire Diaries

“The Vampire Diaries” is also one of vampire shows on Netflix that created by Kevin Williamson and Julie Plec. This show based on the book series of the same name written by L. J. Smith. It was premiered on September 10, 2009 – March 10, 2017 on the CW. “The Vampire Diaries” tells about Elena Gilbert who falls in love with Stefan, an old vampire and then leaves him after lead all people to believe that he was her true love. In this show, there are the starring such as Nina Dobrev, Paul Wesley, Ian Somerhalder, Steven R. McQueen and more. It has 8 seasons and 171 episodes. In 2017, “The Vampire Diaries” was nominated for two People’s Choice Awards. Those are as Favorite Network TV Sci-Fi and Favorite Sci-Fi TV Actor (for Ian Somerhalder).

3.      Moonlight

It is paranormal romance show which created by Ron Koslow and Trevor Munson. “Moonlight” was original released on September 28, 2007 – May 16, 2008. It has 1 season and 16 episodes with the starring include Alex O’Loughlin, Jason Dohring, Shannyn Sossamon, Sophia Myles and more. “Moonlight” won award as Favorite New TV Drama in People’s Choice Award (2008).

4.      True Blood

“True Blood” is also one of vampire shows on Netflix that created by Alan Ball. It based on a novel titled “The Southern Vampire Mysteries” by Charlaine Harris. This show tells about Sookie Stackhouse as a telepathic waitress which living in Louisiana. She falls in love with Bill Compton, an old vampire. She have to against the trials, relationships tribulations and the terrors of intimacy. “True Blood” has 7 season and 80 episodes with the starring include Anna Paquin, Stephen Moyer, Sam Trammel, Ryan Kwanten and more.

5.      Dracula

This show was created by Cole Haddon. It was original released on October 25, 2013 – January 24, 2014. “Dracula” tells about a dracula as Alexander Grayson who want to wreak revenge on the Order of the Dragon. But, his plans become complicated when he falls in love with Mina Murray, a woman who seems to be a reincarnation of his dead wife.

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