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Eternal life is such a dream. The concept of living to see each advancement of human society has splintered into the literature and folklore in a lot of different methods. Vampire is probably the most beloved and the most appealing. Vampires exist in the folklore of every society. For those who are loving vampires, here is the list of vampire movies on Netflix for you.

The first recommended vampire movie on Netflix is Fright Night. It is a 1985 movie. this one is known as the gleeful connector between the cinema of voyeurism and the teen comedy which consistently pitted the less well-known boys and girls against their accomplished counterparts. The features of Fright Night have delightfully hammy performance from an actor who kills vampires on TV called Robby McDowall. It is also sought by the teens such as William Ragsdale, Amanda Bearse and Stephen Geoffreys to vanquish the suave vampire (played by Chris Sarandon) who lives the next door. He is taunting them by having the new female or victim over every night.

The second one is entitled Night Watch. Do you know Sergei Laukyanenko? You might not know him and never heard about him but this Kazakhstan man is one of the major authors in the realms of Russian science fiction and fantasy literature. His best one is the 1998 novel called Night Watch. This one inspired five sequels and this movie. directed by Timur Bekmambetov in the year of 2004, Night Watch is about the secret world existing in the shadows of the own. It is where the centuries old battle between the good and the evil has settled into the stalemate of sorts. This time, the opposite powers from Night Watch and Day Watch take care of both the bright and the twilight hours. They need to make sure that there is no side which more powerful than another one. however, that status quo is threatened by the young boy whom prophecy suggests could shift the balance of the power in the favor of the darkness or the light.

The third vampire movie on Netflix that you have to watch is Let the Right One In. It is about the one named Oskar who is a quiet lad living the early 80’s Stockholm. He is living with his mother. In the movie, Oskar collects the newspaper clippings. Those newspaper clippings are about the horrible murders. He also keeps the knife under his bed that makes him looked weird. In the class, this kid is bullied by the other kids, drawn by the irresistible scents of someone who does not fit in. One day, Oskar meets Eli, the new girl next door. Finally, he discovers the kindred spirit, another outsider who does not seem to vibrate at the same frequency as the rest people in the whole world. eventually, he discovers that Eli has both the terrible secret and the very particular set pf dietary requirements, and the series of nearby murders soon threaten to throw the secrets of hers into the searing light of day.

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