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Are you one of the subscribers of Netflix? Are you visiting this page because you are looking for the method to turn off closed captioning Netflix? If the answers to those questions are yes, then you are in the right place. As you probably know, Netflix offers a lot of international videos via its steaming service. Apparently, you can change the subtitle settings no matter which device you use to enjoy Netflix. it is from the control panel that embedded in the player. You are able to access the settings of the subtitle on most devices by choosing the “Dialog” icon. Another way is to press “Down” on the video controller. Do you want to know the detail? Please read this entire article.

For you the users of Personal Computer (PC), Mac, Android, iOS, Nook, and Wii U, here are the steps. First, tap or click a video to start the playback. Second, move the mouse cursor or tap the screen in order to display the playback controls. Then, tap or click the icon of the “Dialog”. Third, select “Subsitles” and select “Off”. When it is prompted, please select “Done” to return to the video.

The second method is for you who use Playstation and Xbox 360. If you have those devices, the first thing you have to do is to select the video to begin the playback. Then, press “Down” on the game controller in order to display the playback options. Please select the “Audio and subtitles” menu after that. The next thing you have to do is to select “Off’ from the Subtitles menu.

The next method is for you the users of Apple TV. To turn off closed captioning Netflix, the first step you should have done is to hold down the “Menu” button on the Apple TV remote so you can go to the main menu. In the step 2, you have to select “Settings” and “General”. Then, navigate to the Accessibility menu and select “Closed Captions+SDH”. As for the last stage, please select “Off” from the Closed Captions+SDH menu. for your information, Netflix uses this global feature so you are able to enable the subtitles for streaming video. You just have to turn it back on it to view the subtitles in the other content.

For you the users of Google TV, Roku, and various Blu-ray and streaming devices, please follow these steps in order to turn off closed captioning Netflix. First, select the video from the streaming library of Netflix. You will see an Option menu that displays different playback preference before the video starts. Second, please select “Audio and Subtitles” from the Option menu. Then, select “Off” from the Subtitles menu. Last, go press “Back” to return to the main menu. Then, pick “Play” to start the playback. You can just select “Play” after disabling subtitles on the Google TV.

If you face any difficulties to turn off closed captioning Netflix, you can try to contact the customer service of Netflix. do not hesitate to call and get the answer.

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