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Several factors are counted as important ones of the best trippy movies that you can enjoy on Netflix. Actually, there is no specific definition of what really makes a trippy movie. It is rather subjective category. However, there are a couple of common denominators that make you call a movie “trippy”. Basically, it is such an important thing for a movie to make the weird atmosphere along with the strange and mysterious veil that surrounds the plot itself. Here are some of the trippy movies on Netflix for you.

The first one is Frank. This movie is  named after the main character named Frank. This one is about the band where Frank is the leader and the frontman. He is very interesting as he always wears the big mask all the time. Frank is such an interesting comedy. It deserves its place as one of the best trippy movies due to the weird felling that appears when following somebody with the giant and freaky mask the whole time. In the movie, there are some some trippy and cool music. All of thema re created by his band. You will feel the mysterious, entertaining, and enigmatic flick that offers some good laughs as the bonus to the strange atmosphere.

The second trippy movie on Netflix you have to consider to watch is Mr. Nobody. This 2009 movie sets in the future, in the year of 2092 for exact. The story of this movie is about the title character named Mr. Nobody (when he was child, he was known as Nemo). Apparently, he is the oldest person on this earth. Mr Nobody which was played by Jared Leto chooses not to decide between living with his father or his mother. It leads to the many alternate futures and possibilities. This character will make you question your own destiny and free will, all the while letting you enjoy some amazing shots of the future as well as the warming story about love and humanity.

The third recommended trippy movie is Samsara. Actually, this one is not the movie. It is counted as the documentary. However, it has the fantastic visual delight of the movie that will jeep you engaged until the end. It is better than most of the movies regardless of genre. The director of the movie named Ron Frickle filmed this one for five years in more than 20 places in the world. the amazing thing is that this one is filmed in 70 mm and uses slow motion and fast forward techniques to help the viewers fully understand the beauties of the world. In the movie, there is no single narrative. It only consists of the sound of music and life itself. The director shows every viewer the contrast way of life across the world with images of tribes, modern cities, animal farms, artists and still nature.

Those are some titles of trippy movies on Netflix. So, which trippy movie on Netflix are you going to watch tonight?

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