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Netflix is probably the best place to watch movies and TV series. It is like a heaven for movies and series lovers. In this platform, everyone is able to find their favorite movies and TV series. Netflix provides a lot of movies and TV series with thousands different titles. With those amount, it is can be understood if you are a bit confused what to watch. To help your confusion, here is the list of top ten movies on Netflix.

The first one is a movie called Zodiac. This movie is starred by Jake Gyllenhaal, Mark Ruffalo, Chloe Sevigny, Robert Downey Jr., Antony Edwards, Brian Cox, and John Carroll Lynch. If you feel like in the mood of watching the impeccably crafted drama from the master filmmaker, this one can be your option. directed by David Fincher, this movie offers the best story that you are looking for. In this movie, Jake Gyllenhaal acts as a cartoonist at the San Fransisco Chronicle. He grows obsessed on figuring out the identity of the serial killer. He harms of pretty much everything else in his life. With the combination of the top performances such as Mark Ruffalo, Robert Downey Jr., and Anthony Edwards with the Fincher’s perfection, this movie is an absorbing, darkly funny, and at the times terrifying watch.

The second one is Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas. This movie is directed by Henry Selick and written by Caroline Thomson. It  is a perfect thing for fall or winter. This one is the transition from Halloween spirit into the hustle and the bustle of the Chrismas season. This movie is so special as it does not have any major stunt casting. The main character is voiced by a composer named Danny Elfman. You will get a joy while watching the movie as there are the perfect roles that bring the richness and texture to the entire affair.

The third one is meyerowitz Stories (New and Selected). The story of the movie is about the Meyerowitz family. The two sons of the family named Danny and Matthew have the strained relationship with their egotistical father named Harold who is a retired art professor whose work as the sculptor. The movie offers the funny and incredibly heartbreaking scenes as you can see how Harold has emotionally damaged his both sons in different ways. When Harold with Danny, he always tells of how great Matthew is and never acknowledging the effort of Danny as a son. When he is with Matthew, he is always demanding credit for making more of the commitment than he did with Danny. This movie is such a smart and has the outstanding performances from the whole cast. You will not regret if you decide to watch this one.

The other top ten movies on Netflix that you have to consider watching are 13th, The Prestige, Y Tu Mama Tambien, Kubo and the Two Strings, The Place Beyond the Pines, Magic Mike, and Hercules. Grab your popcorn now and get ready to watch the best movies.

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