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Thanksgiving is one of the most favorite days for some people. It is a time for turkey, pumpkin pie, travelling, football, and family. With family, you can say watching movies. If you are too lazy to deal with your family, other annoying relatives, and its circumstance, you can always turn to these movies about Thanksgiving. Some are classic while the rest are modern. These following movies can put the brighter spin on the beloved holiday of American. Are you ready to raise your glass or a remote and celebrate Thanksgiving with Thanksgiving movies on Netflix? Here is the list for you.

The first one is Planes, Trains, and Automobiles. The movie tells about the marketing executive of Steven Amrtin who wants to get home to New York for Thanksgiving, but fate constantly prevents those plans. Apparently, fate and the shower ring salesman of John Candy, a chipper and clumsy clown who becomes his traveling partner during the rollicking three day odyssey. There is a scene in the movie which is known as pillow scene that remains an all time classics gag.

The second one is A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving. Some people might say that this movie is not as good as A Charlie Brown Christmas or It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown. However, it is a good one between Halloween and Christmas. This Emmy winner sees Peppermint Patty infiltrating the Thanksgiving holiday of Charlie Brown. He naturally scrambles to put together with his trademark anxiety.

The third recommended Thanksgiving movie that you want watch on Netflix is Pieces of April. A popular actress named Katie Holmes plays as the titular April. He is bravely invites her dysfunctional family from suburban Pennsylvania to her small apartment. Apparently, her apartment is in Lower East Side. In the movies, there is a disaster strikes early when her stove breaks and she is forced to find a working oven in her apartment. On the other hand, her mother who is a cancer stricken slowly dreads the trek into the city to see her somewhat estranged kid.

The fourth movie as the option is The House of Yes. The theme of the movie is Thanksgiving 1983. This movie tells about Marty who brings his fiancee named Lesly home in order to meet his family. His family consists of his dimwitted and horny brother named Anthony, his cold and nosey mother named Mrs. Pascal, and his mentally unhinged and Kennedy obsessed sister called Jackie-O. By watching this one, you will find all hell breaks loose as kitchen knives are hidden, sexual boundaries are tested, and one of the most hilariously intense performance of the career of Parker Posey.

The last movie on the list is Broadway Danny Rose. This movie was created by Woody Allen in the year of 1984. It is such a comedy that concerns the untalented talent agent. He winds up involved with the second rate lounge singer and his mistress (played by Mia Farrow) who has ties to the mob. It is ensuing the love triangle craziness and told in the flashback by the group of Carnegie Deli comedians culminates at the Thanksgiving dinner. Basically, it is where the forgiveness and togetherness are served and the legacies are forged.

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