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Steve Jobs has been named as one of the most popular person in the world by a lot of magazines including Time, Forbes, and People. What makes him so popular? For those who are interested in technology, you probably ever heard his name. Actually, the common people also are sure ever heard his name at least once. Steve Jobs was the one behind “the apple”. This man was the one who can make an ”apple” for working, for communicating, for watching, etc, not just a common name of the fruit.

Steven Paul Jobs is the complete name of Steve Jobs. This genius was born on February, 24th 1955 in San Fransisco, California, United States. Not everyone knows that
Steve Jobs was adopted by American named Paul and Clara Jobs. His biological father was Abdulfatah Jandali. Apparently, his biological father is a law professor and a Syria nationalist.

Steve Jobs is spending his life as an entrepreneur, a businessman, an inventor, and an industrial designer. As in Apple itself, he was the co-founder, the chairman, and the chief executive officer or CEO. Before known with that “apple”, he was the part of some big companies including Pixar and Walt Disney.

With how big Apple is, it is no doubt that Steve Jobs is one of the most influenced people in the world. As an influenced people, his the life story deserves to be immortalized by a movie so public can be inspire by his achievements.

To appreciate Steve Jobs, a movie was made in 2015. This movie which has the same name as the main character is counted as a biography one. Steve Jobs movie was intended to remember Steve Jobs, his life story, and his achievements. Another reason behind it is to inspire people.

Directed by Danny Boyle, the character of Steve Jobs was portrayed by an actor named  Michael Fassbender. Aside from him, the other ones are Kate Winslet (Joanna Hoffman), Seth Rogen (Steve Wozniak), Jeff Daniels (John Sculley), and so on. Steve Jobs movie tells about fourteen years of personal life of Steve Jobs. This must watched movie premiered at September 2015 at 2015 Telluride Film Festival. It was part of the box office at that time with $34.4 million in total worldwide. Then, where to watch Steve Jobs movie?

Netflix is your best answer to watch Steve Jobs. Steve Jobs Movie on Netflix is available for you anytime. You can watch this movie on the television, the computer, the smart phone, and so on. by watching Steve Jobs movie on Netflix, you will not see some annoying ads which usually annoy you when you are watching something. So, are you going to watch it tonight? Please prepare everything before watching it. Some snacks and drink might work. Do not forget the tissue in case you need one. Enjoy the story of Steve Jobs’s life and take some good values from this movie. Hope you have fun and hope you are inspired to do something!

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