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Do you love learning something new? Do you think that you are quite mysterious? Are you interested on something cool, calm, collected, clever, and cunning people? If you are into those kinds of type like spy, here is the list of spy movies on Netflix for you.

The first recommended spy movie on Netflix is The Debt. It is a 2010 one, the remake one of a 2007 Israeli movie. This movie focuses on the team of crack Nazi hunters, just like Inglorious Basterds. The different is that it takes place long after the final shots of World War II were fired. The Debt opens in 1997 at the ceremony to celebrate the release of the book in 1965. In the movie, there is a trio of Israeli agents who tracked down and killed the Nazi war criminal known as “Surgeon of Birkenau”. There are some scenes of flashback that start to peel back the layers of the story. It will also reveal the truth about what exactly happened all those years ago. What’s so shocking is that the truth is not as neat and tidy as the official account claims. This movie will bring you to both the past and the present, including showing how young Rachel Singer’s capture of her target went wrong.

The second one is called Spy Game. It is a 2001 one. This movie is about a CIA case officer named Nathan Muir who is on the verge of retiring and is tasked with rescuing his protégé called Tom Bishop. It is after his capture in China. In the movie, you will be brought to the old day when Muir tries to figure out the way to rescue Bishop, as stated before. Apparently, Bishop is tortured, charged with espionage, and set to be executed. It is without compromising the United States in the trade deal with China. By watching this one, you will be served with the race against time, the impossible task with a lot of obstacles in Muir’s way.

The next recommended spy movie that you should try to watch on Netflix is entitled XXX. It is a 2002 one. The movie tells about a stuntman and extreme sport enthusiast named Xander Cage (played by Vin Diesel). He is recruited by NSA to stop the team of Russian terrorist that is operating in Europe. You will get to see the excellent acting of Vin Diesel, the guns, the cars, and the no-nonsense supervisor in Samuel L. Jackson by watching this movie. It is wild even from the beginning.

The fourth one is The Sum of All Fears. This one is based on the novel of Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan that has the same name. This movie is starring Ben Affleck who plays as the young Jack Ryan. He is an analyst of CIA. Due to his job, he has to stop WWIII from happening after the bomb goes off in Baltimore. What happens next? Go watch this movie now on Netflix!

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