Sharing Netflix Password Illegal

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There is a saying that sharing is caring. It is true that sharing is caring. However, this saying cannot be applied to all aspects of life. Some aspects are just not compatible with those words. Sharing is allowed for the good things and it does not for the bad ones.

The password of Netflix is such a secret or personal thing. It is bought by the subscribers of Netflix. So, apparently, sharing the Netflix password is illegal. It is now a federal crime. There is the recent opinion from the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals that made it illegal for subscribers of Netflix to share their password. It is not only Netflix but also other subscription services including HBO Go. However, it was not necessarily intended to have such a wide-ranging effect.

This case of sharing password is centered in California. That headhunter named David Nosal along with some co-conspirators at his former place of employment used the password of someone else in order to login information to gain access to the firm’s data in an attempt to start a competing company.

Then, what is the correlation of the case above to sharing Netflix account? Apparently, the act states that it is a crime when someone “accesses a protected computer without authorization, or exceeds authorized access.” If you are using the password of someone else, it means that you are technically accessing the service without authorization. The Circuit Judge Stephen Reinhardt states that people frequently share their password, including the password of Netflix. he adds that the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act does not make a lot of people who engage in this ubiquitous, useful and harmless conduct into the unwitting federal criminals.

Fortunately, Netflix does not seem like wanting to sue the subscribers who share the passwords. As alternative, Netflix plans range in options. The company gives the ability to the subscribers to use the service simultaneously on multiple screens. There is an option of viewing on two screen at once and viewing four screen at once. In this case, there is the possibility of sharing password, unless you are going to stream a show on four different devices at once by your lonesome.

In fact, Netflix allows their subscribers to share the Netflix password. The representative of the company even said in the past that sharing is caring. The CEO of Netflix even said that sharing is such a positive thing. He said that he loves people who share Netflix whether they are two people on a couch or ten people on a couch. He emphasized that sharing is a positive thing, not a negative one.

Netflix sees the password sharing as the first step in its broader user acquisition strategy. In this case, children can share the account with their parents or friends or another way around. This thing will be good for the harmonization of the family and friends. In conclusion, you do not have to worry of the law when sharing Netflix passwords.

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