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Movies and TV series are two of several things that can relieve your stress. However, sometimes, you just want something that requires a little less thinking as the daily activities are strict enough. As the way out, reality TV come in. The trend of reality TV began with with The Real World on MTV. It was like more than 20 years ago. Since then, a lot of genre of reality shows seen on TV. Some of them re Survivor, Big Brother, and dozens of food and do i yourself shows that are all over cable. The genre of reality shows has branched out in the sorts of directions over two decades. Are you looking for something adventurous? Are you in the mood for the food competition? It does not matter if you prefer food shows, home renovation shows or nature, or adventurous documentaries, Netflix has it all for you.

The first recommended reality shows on Netflix is Extreme Homes Collection. This one will take you inside the most elaborate and creative houses ever made. The first episode of it takes to the Death Valley. It is where the house hovers above the desert. In the next episode, you will be brought to Japan. It is where the house is wrapped inside the glass. There is also the one in South African where home built in the shape of the beehive. One of the best and the most favorite episodes of this show is where you can see some of the most peculiar homes in the series. It includes the house that was inspired by the snakes and another one that was inspired by the Monopoly board game.

The second reality show on Netflix for you is entitled Beat Bobby Flay. This show has about 50 different shows on the Food Network. However, this one is one of the best. In the show, two chefs will enter into the competition. Both of them have to make two dishes to be critique by the panel of judges. In the end, the winner of the competition advances to take on Bobby Flay. Then, the winner will prepare the signature dish of himself or herself. On the contrary, Flay tries to one up the competitor and see if he or she can make their masterpiece better even they lack of experience.

The third recommended reality show on Netflix that you might want to try is Guy’s Grocery Games. In the show, a guy named Guy Fieri hosts this Food Network show. It is about the contestants who are competing in several cooking challenges inside the grocery store. Every contestant will face ingredient shortage. They will be forced to work with some particular items, encounter tricky obstacles, and all this while the clock is ticking. The third season of the show is what’s available on Netflix.

Just sit back, relax yourself, and open the app of Netflix to watch the best reality shows on Netflix. are you ready to enjoy all of them tonight?

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