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Photography has become everyone’s favorite, especially in this 21st century. Everyone does not want to miss a single thing of their life. They think that every moment in their life should be captured. As the result, everyone carries their camera or smartphone everywhere and capture every second of their activities, including when they are eating, shopping, exercising, and even sleeping. Once again, most of people nowadays think that they cannot miss a single moment.

Do you love photography but you think that you are lacking in idea? As the answer, you can try to watch some photographer documentaries on Netflix. for you who are looking for some inspiration about photography, here is the list of photography documentary on Netflix.

The first photography documentary on Netflix you should watch is Bill Cunningham New York. This one is a 2011 one. it is about Bill Cunningham who is at 80 years old. At his age, he still pedals through New York on his bike to photograph what people are wearing. In this documentary, you will get the inside look at how Mr. Cunningham manages himself to get the stunning shot every time whether it is in high, low, or in no brow situations. The outlook on life of this man is as inspiring as every image he captures.

The second one is Moving Art: Flowers. This is such a short documentary. This one will inspire you to look at and capture the nature in the entire new way. Apparently, this documentary focuses on its cinematography. However, the principles of artistry, lighting, and composition at work in the filmmaking of Louie Schwartberg will intrigue still photographers as well.

The third documentary is entitled Black White + Grey. This one focuses on the 1970s and 80s. It explores the work of and the relationship between a innovative museum curator named Sam Wagstaff and a photographer called Robert Mapplethorpe. Their teamwork, collaboration, and accomplishments will inspire everyone who watch this documentary to connect more intensely with the other photographers.

The next photography documentary that you have to try is called National Geographic: Through the Lens. This one focuses more on the extreme photography. It is such an insider look at the creative process of the finest photography of National Geographic. In this documentary, you will witness the bold risk that the photographers taking that can make you cringe a little. On the other side, it will also empower you to be more bold in your own photography.

If those titles of photography documentaries mentioned above are not enough, you can try this one. the last recommended one is An American Journey: In Robert Frank’s Footsteps. In the year of 1958, a photographer from Swiss crisscrossed America. He was capturing the images of his newly adopted home. Later, this one would be collected in one of the most highly praised photography books of the 20th century. Then, fifty years later, a director from French named Philippe Seclier retraces his steps to capture the movie and images of his own.

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