New Horror Movies on Netflix

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Horror movies always become one of the favorite genres. The fans of this genre cannot be counted. This genre has evolved throughout the years. From ghosts to vampires, zombies, and other fantasy creatures can be seen in the horror movies. For those who are the subscribers of Netflix and horror movies enthusiasts, here is the list of new horror movies on Netflix for you.

The first new horror movie on Netflix is called Hush. It is a 2016 movie. Directed by Mike Flanagan, this movie is about the simple tale of the deaf woman being menaced by the masked killer in her remote home. You might never seen this kind of movie before but the director brings the rail panache and visual energy to the movie that could have easily felt redundant in the hands of the lesser moviemaker.

The second one is a 2016 one entitled Train To Busan. For those who do not know, Busan is one of the cities in South Korea. Apparently, this movie is from south Korea. Actually, Train To Busan is not that different to the other zombie movies when it comes to the creature. It still consists of the walking undead ones. However, it is no less of the thrilling ride. The movie is about the overworked father who is riding his rails with his neglected daughter when the Z-word outbreak strikes. This one causes the savagery from the corpse and living alike. You will love its fast moving and contorted foes which are genuinely in the cramped setting of the movie. By watching this one, you will feel like a zombifield Snowpiercer. Train To Busan is such the action flick with the slightly heavy handed but solid emotional core.

The third recommended new horror movie on Netflix is The Hallow. This movie is about the tale of the young married couple. Both of them move into the charming rural home in Ireland. There, they are stalked by the race of the vicious forest dwelling creatures who have designs on their infant son. The director of the movie named Hardy makes it as the gloomy tale punctuated by the series of the brutally effective sequences of horror, but there is the real feeling under the frights.

The last new horror movie on Netflix that you have to watch is Honeymoon. This low budget movie was directed by Leigh Janiak. This movie is about the recently married couple named Rose Leslie and Harry Treadaway honeymooning in the woods. The husband begins to unravel when the wife begins exhibiting the increasingly bizarre behaviour. The couple has such a good on screen chemistry. In addition, the central theme of the movie is smartly explored all the way up to the film’s haunting conclusion.

Are you ready to spend your time tonight with one of those new horror movies on Netflix? Prepare your popcorn, the tissue to sweep your sweat, and most especially your mental as your bravery will be tested with those scary movies.

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