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Streaming is such a wild beast. You will enjoy the 80s vibe of Stranger Things i one minute and the next minute you will struggle to choose something from that enormous catalog. Sometimes, there is a possibility of stumbling on something that you would normally never choose just like the Netflix suggestion from a friend or the recent addition that had escaped the glance.

However, the moment you have watched that movie or TV show and then moved on from it, it might drop back into relative obscurity. It will also reduce your chances of remembering and paying that recommendation forward many days later. Also, you might have enjoyed something, hated it and want to make sure that terrible thing does not impact the future recommendations. Fortunately, Netflix keeps the running list of the movies of the television programs you have watched. As a note, they haven not been removed yet from the catalog due to licensing agreements. Here is how to find Netflix viewing history for you.

Finding the viewing story of Netflix is such an easy thing. The first thing you have to do is to visit the official website of Netflix. In its homepage, make sure that you are logged in and then hover over the profile name. Then, select Your Account from the menu. The next thing you have to do is to scroll down the cursor to the bottom of the page and select Viewing Activity. After you did the step, you should now be presented with the list of everything either movies of TV programs you have streamed on your Netflix account.

By scrolling through the list, you will become fairly simple to understand how much you are watching Netflix, and the value that your watching has given you. There is another benefit of it. apparently, you are able to remove the title from your Netflix viewing history. When you are in the page of Netflix viewing history, you can decide how the history can impact the recommendations of Netflix. You can click the X to delete the recent movies of the TV shows you have watched. The X button is next to the title of the movies or TV shows. Aside from that, it will also make sure that Netflix does not use the moment of streaming weakness against you. Basically, it is like the signal to Netflx that you do not want that title to be taken into your account of Netflix when it recommends things to you. When it has been removed, it will not appear in your list anymore until you watch it again.

Before deleting viewing history of Netflix, do not forget to think it first as you might regret it in the future. Consider everything before you take the very first step of deleting the viewing history of Netflix.

If you have any other question related to Netflix viewing history, you can call the customer service of Netflix, as them everything until your curiosity regarding this issue solved.

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