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Several years ago, some big companies have announced that they embrace unlimited vacation policies. One of those companies is Netflix. Some people state that it can help the employees to attract and retain the best talent but some others says that it will ease a workaholic workplace. As of June 2017, Netflix has about 3,642 employees. With this number, a flexible vacation schedule is good. Now, a lot of start ups are offering unlimited vacation.

Since 2004, the employees of Netflix have taken a lot of vacation days as they have wanted. They can decide when they want to show up for work, when to take time off and how much time it will take them to get the work done. Since Netflix have embraced that policy, it has grown the market cap to more than $51 billion. But, you have to note that just because there is flexibility at Netflix, it does not mean that Netflix does not have accountability. The employees must keep their managers in the loop and they are expected to perform at a high level. High performance is very ingrained into the culture of Netflix so that they reward adequate performance with a generous severance package.

The employees of Netflix have unlimited vacation since nobody is tracking their time. Instead of micromanaging how people get their works finished, the leadership centers only on what matters that is results. They have discovered that providing people greater autonomy makes a more responsible culture. Without the distraction of strict rules, the employees can be more focused and productive. Then, a question arises that why does not the CEO of Netflix just set a policy of six weeks off rather than providing the vague unlimited vacation? Hastings as a CEO of Netflix answers at New York Times DealBook conference that he takes six weeks off a year as a part of the company’s long standing policy of unlimited vacation. He also adds that he is open about his vacation with his colleagues. The embrace of Hastings of unlimited vacation is a welcome shift away from the latest incidents where a big time CEO collapsed at work. In September, a new CEO of BMW Harald Krueger fell on stage at a motor show. He did not feel well after he traveled extensively on business trips. Then, a chief of United Continental, Oscar Munoz, was under extreme stress in the days that made him got heart attack.

But, this flexible vacation seems only good for a company that has a lot of employees. What should we do if we just have 10 employees? Even though you just have some employees, it is important for them to take time off. They need to have a plan ahead. If there is a thing that needs to be finished during his vacation, you need to tell that person at least a week in advance. During time off, the employees also must cover for each other. They also have to make sure to set the expectations that clear for work.

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