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In the economic field, there is a thing called stock price. For Netflix, it is more known as Netflix stock price. Netflix stock price is the cost of purchasing the security on the exchange. This thing can be affected by the number of the things such as volatility in the market, current economic condititions, and popularity of the company.

There will be the awesome relationship between the executives and the stock proce of Netflix they manage. On the one side, every excecutive usually wants their stocks to rise, making sure the perceived health of the enterpise of the Netflix and padding the remuneration. On the other side, all of them frequently find the stock price insrutable. The wide majority of the executives believe that the price is too low. However, some of them can articulate the analytical case that backs the intuition.

So, how is Netflix stock price today? To know about Netflix stock price today, you can find it by visiting on Market Watch. You can find one by visiting its official website. When you are in its homepage, please focus on the right side of the page. There, you will see the search bar. To get to Netflix stock price, you just have to type “Netflix stock price today” to be directed to the page.

In the page of Netflix stock price today, there are a lot of things you can see, including the chart, the number, the symbol, and so on. Those things will make the commoners get the headache. According to Market Watch, Netflix is at $193.25. It rises 0.05 or about 0.03%. here is the key data of it. it was opened at $195.74 with 195.15 per ratio. The day range of it is 192.65 – 195.95 which is abou $0.99. the 52 week range is about 113.51 –  204.38. the share outstanding is 432.73M. the public floast is 419.77M with 27M the short interest as per 10/31/17. The beta is 1.32 with 6.43% of floated shorted. As for the rev. Per employee, it is $2.32M with the average volume 6.76M. those data are shown in the overview.

Aside from the overview, you can also find some information about Netflix in general. To get it, you can click on the menu of “Profile” which is next to “Overview”. The information regarding the profile of Netflix consist of the company description, the valuation, the profitability, the efficiency, the capital structure, the liquidity, th officers and the executives, the insider actions, and the press releases on Netflix.

The other things you can see from Market Watch that are related to Netflix is the news, the charts, the financials (you can see the annual financials for Netflix Inc.), the historical quotes, the analyst estimates, the options (it consists of he option chain for Netflix Inc.), the sec filings, and the insiders.

If you have any questions related to Netflix stock price today, you can contact the representative of Netflix. just ask them until your curiousity is answered.

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