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Are you one of the users of Netflix? Do you know that there are a plenty of great stuff on Netflix. There are also many movies and TV shows that the users should never spend time watching. Apparently, Netflix has a lot of secret movie categories. The good news is that there is a way to access all those hidden categories to help you figure out what to watch.

Then, how it works? The first thing you have to do is to log into Netflix. if you are logged in, please enter into the toolbar of your browser. This way will bring up one of the thousands of genres in the library of Netflix. That XXXX is the series of digits. You have to know that not all numbers will result in the subgenre and given Netflix’s ever changing algorithms. Some codes also might do not work.

There are some interesting categories for you. For you the parents who are looking for the Netflix movie codes for your children, this information is worth to know. The code for movies for ages 0 to 2 is 6796. It is 6218 for the movies for ages 2 to 4. For you who have a kid around the age 5 to 7, you can use the code 5455. Please use 561 instead if your kid is around 8 to 10. As for the age 11 to 12, the secret code is 6962.

Here is the list of Netflix movie codes for the adult. For those who are into action adventure, the code is 1365. The other codes in the same category is 77232 for Asian action movies, 46576 for classic action and adventure, 43040 for action comedies, 43048 for action thrillers, 7442 for adventures, 10118 for comic book and superhero movies, 7700 for westerns, 10702 for spy action and adventure, 9584 for crime action and adventure, 11828 for foreign action and adventure, 8985 for martial arts movies, 2125 for military action and adventure.

For those who are the anime freak, the code is 7424. The other codes related to anime are 11881 for anime action, 9302 for anime comedies, 452 for anime dramas, 2729 for anime Sci-Fi, 10695 for anime horror, 11146 for anime fantasy, and 6721 for anime series.

For you who are looking for the secret codes of documentaries, the code is 6839. The other ones are 3652 for biographical ones, 5349 for historical ones, 4006 for military ones, 180 for sport ones, 1159 for travel and adventure ones, 90361 for music and concert ones.

Do you feel like want to recall your memory? The classic movies are the answer. The secret code for it is 315694. The more specific ones are 31694 for classic comedies, 29809 for classic dramas, 46588 for classic thrillers.

Do you need something to laugh? The secret codes for comedies are 6548, 869, 4426, 1402, 26, 2700, 9702, 5286, 11559, 3519, , 4922, 5475, and 10256. Do you want to know more? Watch those ones first.

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