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If you are one of the subscribers of Netflix, you are probably not so sure about how efficient the rental service’s browsing and search pages can be. As the way to clean your view, Instant Watcher is there for you.

Instant Watcher website is like the Netflix mashup that filters for the “Watch Instantly” titles using the new Netflix API. This website is used for streaming titles only. For the users of Netflix who make heavy use of this feature, finding movies and TV programs to stream means hell browsing through the official website of Netflix. As the better way, Instant Watcher is there for you. On the main page of the website, the titles are grouped into the genres such as “Drama”, Sci-Fi”, “Romance”, “Comedy”, and so on. Within each section, they are the further categorized for the easy browsing.  It will make the visitors easier to find something.

Even if you are using Instant Watcher, you will still need to be logged into your Netflix account. once you are in, you are able to find dozens of ways to filter and search movies. Are looking for movies that feature Clint Eastwood and Shirley MacLaine? All you have to do is to type in their names. Do you want to check which movies that will not be available for the streaming soon? You can check it with just one button.

Every page for the results is able to be listed as straight up titles, text with year, directors, actors, some lines of synopsis, and the picture only box art view. One of the most favorite features of Netflix is the ability to watch some of the titles it offers instantly on your devices such as computer, Xbox, or another external device like Roku player. There is a “Play” or “queue” link in every result. Once you find the movie or the TV program you want to watch, you can click the “Play” button. It will be added to your Instant Queue. This feature makes Instant Watcher extremely useful. However, there is not the feature of deleting from the queue yet.

In the left hand sidebar, there is an offer related Youtube videos, Wikipedia, and IMDB links for the movies results.

There are the other ways to browse. The options include browsing “New”, “Expiring”, “Random”, “People”, “Best”, “Worst” titles. Who wants to find the worst movies? Apparently, you do not have to browse through the titles. When you have the certain title of movie or TV show in mind, you can just do a search for it using the box at the top of the page.

Aside from its weakness, Netflix Instant Watcher is still a very excellent example of the excellent things that can be built when the company offers up an API for use by the third party developers. This Netflix Instant Watcher is a must for every subscriber of Netflix around the worlds. What are you waiting for? Get one now if you have not installed one.

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