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Reed Hastings together with Marc Randolph set up Netflix on August 29, 1997. At the beginning, this company only focused on providing streaming service, video on demand online and DVD by mail. Then, in 2003, this company tried to expand the business into film and television production as well as online distribution. The company that is headquartered in Los Angeles, California, has operated in more than 190 countries. Until October 2017, Netflix has reached 109.25 million subscribers worldwide and that includes 52.77 million in the United States.

If we see the expansion that has been done by Netflix, then a question arises that how much the salary that earns by CEO of Netflix. But first, before we go on discussing about that, let’s talk a little bit first about  Netflix CEO’s profile. Wilmot Reed Hastings Jr. was born in Boston on October 8, 1960. He is an American entrepreneur and also philanthropist. In 1991, he established Pure Software that made tools for software developers. Then, after a 1995 IPO, and some acquisitions, in 1997 Rational Software acquired Pure. Reed is an active educational philanthropist and served on the California State Board of Education from 2000 to 2004. He is presently on the board of some educational organizations that includes CCSA, KIPP, DreamBox Learning, Pahara, and the Hispanic Foundation of Silicon Valley. Besides, he is also a board member of Facebook and was on the board of Microsoft from 2007 to 2012. In 1983, he got a BA from Bowdoin College and MSCS in Artificial Intelligence from Standford University in 1988.

He saw his total compensation rise 39% last year to $23.2 million. After an increase in stock option awards, the company disclosed in a regulatory filing Monday. He got a baseline salary of $900,000 plus option awards totaling $22.3 million in 2016. Then, in 2015, he streamed in a compensation package worth $16.63 million that includes $15.5 million in options. In 2016, Hastings was refunded by Netflix $358,315 for the use of the company of his airplane for business that is related travel by Hastings and the other Netflix employees. Then, Ted Sarandos the chief content officer of Netflix got $18.9 million in total compensation in 2016 and it is up 35% from 2015. The package of Sarandos includes a salary of $1 million, a $4 million cash bonus and also $13.9 million in stock awards. For 2017, Netflix estimated that Sarandos will be eligible for a bonus of target of $9 million.

If you want to contact Reed Hastings, you can contact him at Or if you want to contact the other staffs of Netflix, you can contact Jeff Hensien, a Head of Customer Service at Netflix at There is also Brent Wickens a customer service of Netflix at and also Jonathan Friedland, a Chief Communications Officer of Netflix at Well, that’s all some information about Netflix executives email and salary that we can share to you. Hopefully, it can be beneficial and informative.

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