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In the era with advanced technology like this, everything seems easy to do including watching shows anytime and anywhere. Now, people can use streaming service to enjoy the shows that they want. One of the streaming service provider is Netflix. It permits you to watch various winning TV shows, movies, documentaries and more shows on a lot of internet connected devices. You can enjoy the shows without any commercials.

On Netflix, there is a free trial. If you have not subscribed yet, you can try Netflix by joining free trial for 1 month. Then, if you enjoy your Netflix trial, your membership will continue automatically for as long as you select to remain a member. But, you have to note that the eligibility of the free trial will be vary by region. Netflix provides 3 membership plan and you can choose one of them based on your need. The membership plans consist of Basic Plan, Standard Plan, and Premium Plan. The difference of these plans are on the number of the screens and also the quality.

During  you use Netflix, perhaps there is a moment where you face a problem and then you want to ask the customer service of Netflix. Actually, if you deal with any problem related to Netflix, you can access the site of Netflix and go to the Help Center section. There, you can find many questions about Netflix including the solution. If you do not find the questions that is similar with your problem on the Help Center of Netflix site, you can try to contact Netflix customer service via the Netflix app. To do this, you need to download the app to your Android or iOS smartphone or tablet. If you call from Netflix app, it will require a stable internet connection that uses Wi-Fi or cellular data. To start, you can open the Netflix app and then sign in using your Netflix email and password. Then, choose the Menu icon which is usually located in the upper left corner of the screen. After that, scroll to the bottom of your screen and choose Call Help Center or Help. Now, contact Netflix by choosing the Call or Call Us icon. But, if you are not a member of Netflix, you have to follow different steps. First, you have to choose Sign In or Help that is generally located in the upper right corner of the screen. For iOS devices, choose Help on Sign In screen. Then, contact Netflix by choosing the Call or Call Us icon.

Then, if you want to call directly to the customer service of Netflix without having to access Netflix app, you can call to 800-585-8131 or 888-638-3549 for support. The call center hour is 24 hours everyday. If you want to call Netflix at these number, you should be pretty straightforward. Well, thank you for reading this article. If you find any difficulties while you are using your Netflix, you can contact Netflix customer service for any help.

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