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Netflix is known as one of the most popular places when it comes to movies and TV shows. Everything is there. This excellent place has become everyone’s favorite because it is easy, fun, and can be watched by using any kind of devices. Are you one of the subscribers of Netflix? What device do you use? For those who are new to Netflix and use Samsung, here is the method to activate Netflix on your device.

To get started, you will need some things including the wired or wireless network connection, the activated Internet TV or Netflix icon will not be displayed, the high speed Internet connection (it is 2.4 Mbps for DVD quality and 5 Mbps for HD quality), the active Netflix membership, and the access to the computer to log into the Netflix site and activate the player.

To activate the player, first, power on the player and tune the TV to the input which the Blu-ray player is connected to. For instance, if you use HDMI, please select the HDMI input on the TV. This button is often labeled as input/source/line in on the TV remote. But, if you are not sure, please refer to the TV’s user manual. Second, please use the up arrow on the Blu-ray remote in order to move to the Netflix icon when the Home Menu displays. So that will be highlighted. Then, press enter. If it is your first time using Netflix, a term of service agreement will show up. If you agree, please select agree and then press enter. Third, after Netflix launches, you are prompted to pick if you are already the Netflix member. Just click “Yes” and press Enter. Fourth, the last screen will appear and the code will be displayed. In case you need another code, please press the Exit button on your BD remote and then repeat the second and third step.

Fifth, go to on your computer and then click the “Have an activation code?” button on the web page. If you have not logged in yet, you will be asked to sign in. Sixth, enter the activation code displayed by the player in fourth step and then click Activate. If you need a new code, you have to go back exit the Netflix App and then follow the second until the fourth step again. Seventh, the player will then display the Netflix splash screen and reload the application.

Eight, the Netflix website will then confirm the player has been activated on your account. Ninth, the player will then display your Netflix queue. In this stage, you are able to browse New Releases, movies by Genres, Suggestions, Instant Queue, or Search. When you are done selecting the movie title, you will be given the option to watch or add to your queue.

If you have any questions regarding Netflix com activate Samsung, please do not hesitate to call the customer service of Netflix. They will be answer your difficulties happily.

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