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Recently, we get some emails from our readers. Some of them ask us about Netflix account settings such us how to change plan, how to restart Netflix account, how to set parental controls on Netflix account, how to update Netflix account information and more. Well, based on those questions, in this time we are going to discuss about that. Before that, we are going to explain Netflix itself. Netflix is one of the popular app which used by a lot of people to watch movies, TV shows or documentaries on any device such as Android phone, IPhone, Smart TV, Xbox One, Xbox 360, Computer, IPad, PS4, Nintendo Wii etc.  It is founded on August 29, 1997 by Reed Hastings and Marc Randolph in Scotts Valley.  As the largest and popular company, Netflix has many subscribers from all over the world. Based on the research, currently Netflix has 103.95 million subscribers.

Well, we are going to back discuss the questions which asked by our readers about Netflix account settings. The first question is about how to change plan on Netflix. As we know that there are three plans on Netflix offer different features at different prices. Those are Basic plan, Standard plan and Premium plan. You can set any plan you want. By the way, how to change your plan on Netflix? If you want to change your streaming plan, you have to sign in and visit your Account page. After that, you are able to select “Change Plan” to view and select available plans. All profiles have the ability to change the streaming plan for your account. It is except kids profiles. The second question is about how to set parental controls on Netflix account by using a PIN. If you want to set a PIN for parental controls, firstly you have to access your account page from a web browser. Afterwards, you have to select the link for Parental controls in the Settings section. Then, you can enter your Netflix account password on the screen. Please enter four numbers into the PIN field correctly. Now, you can set your PIN protection level from several options: Little Kids, Older Kids, Teens and Adults.  The last, you just need to select Save.

Other question is about how to change language on Netflix. Once you are on the Netflix homepage, you have to hover over your name and then click on your account. Then, you have to scroll down to the “my profile” section and you will see the language tab. After that, you can click on that and it will take you to the language settings. In the language tab, there are some languages such as Dansk, Deutsch, English, Espanol, Francais, Italiano, Nederlands, Portugues, and more. Next step, you can choose your desired language. For example you want to choose English language, so you just need to click “English”. Afterwards, you just need to click “Save” and then Netflix is going to be in English language. Those are some questions which our readers ask to us. If you want to now more detail about that, you can go to Help center menu on Netflix.

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