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Do you love learning language? What language you are interested in? For those who are learning Spanish or want to learn it, movies are the great way to learn and develop your Spanish learning skills. This one will allow you to escape from the classroom and texbooks. You can dig the lives and the tales of people from all over the world.

Watching movie is such a fantastic thing to learn in Spanish because you want to be drown in the story line of the movie and invested in the characters of the movie while you make your Spanish better. The only thing you have to do to study Spanish using Netflix is just to press play. here is the list of movies in Spanish on Netflix.

The first recommended one is Amores Perros. This movie is a Mexican movie. This one was directed by a director named Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu. Amores Perros is about the different lives of three natives of Mexico City. The first one is Octavio. He lives with his older brother. There are some difficulties arise when he falls in love with his sister in law. He and his sister in law want to run away together. Unfortunately, they do not have money to do so. An opportunity comes to him. He takes that one to win cash for their escape by placing his dog in the dog fight. The second character is Daniel, a successful businessman. Apparently, he leaves his family for a beautiful model named Valeria. He have to be a caregiver of Valeria after she got into a car accident. The problem arises when her dog gets trapped under the floorboards. The last one is named Al Chivo. He is an elderly homeless man who is trying to contact his own kid whom he has not seen for a long time. By watching this movie, you will be taught about machismo, love, and social class in Mexico. There are also some different types of slang that can you find in the movie.

The second one is entitled La Lengua de las mariposas. It is a Spain one. This movie tells about the young Galician boy who has a besfriend just before the beginning of the Spanish Civil War. His bestfriend is a republican teacher. La Lengua de las mariposas is such a tragically beautiful movie as it will take you on the journey about the simplicity of life, the boundaries of freedom, and the fragility of innocence. For those who have eye on the politic, this one can be the option to watch.

The last one on the list of movies in Spanish on Netflix is Como agua para chocolate. Just like the first one, this third one is also from Mexico. This movie was based on the bestselling novel written by Laura Esquival. It is about the love story that spans decades and through traditions. In the story, there is a love story among a family. Tita who is the youngest daughter falls in love with Pedro. Sadly, both of them are prohibited from marrying each other. It is because the duty of Tita which is as a caretaker for her aging mother.

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