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Subscribing streaming service becomes a trend now. It is because people can watch what they want to watch anytime and anywhere easily. As you know that, people now are busy or working so that sometimes they do not have time to go to the cinema or even to watch the show that they want at the time that is scheduled by the TV station. So, the existence of streaming service is very helpful. One of the streaming service providers that is  very popular now is Netflix. Netflix offers 3 kinds of membership plans for the members. It also can accessed by more than 190 countries. Now, Netflix has more than 100 million subscribers that spread around the world. This number prove that Neflix is proper to be the largest streaming service in the world.

Netflix offers a wide variety of movies, TV series, and the other shows. If you like watching movies, Netflix is the best place for you to watch. It is because Netflix provides hundreds of thousands movies in any kinds of genres. Comedy, romance, romantic comedy, documentary, sports, war, fighting, action, horror can you found here. Talk about movie, perhaps you are one of people who are looking for The Jeffrey Dahmer movie. Well, if you want to watch this movie, you can try to find the movie on Netflix. Now, let’s discuss about this movie.

The movie stars Andrew Swant, Pamela Bass and Jeffrey Jentzen and it was directed by Chris James Thompson. The duration of the movie is about 1 hour 16 minutes. The movie tells about the people who surrounded serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer during and also after his arrest. It contains of comments by neighbors and police that create a portrait of Dahmer which is disturbingly normal. In the movie, it was told that in 1991 Jeffrey Dahmer was captured in Milwaukee and then he was sentenced to 957 years in prison due to murder 17 men and boys and also dismember their bodies. The movie explores the city of Milwaukee by meting the surrounding Dahmer as we mentioned above.

Generally, this movie got positive reviews.  A lot of people praise the restraint of the director. Jeannette Catsoulis of The New York Times calls this movie as a meditation on perversion as hypnotic as it is repulsive and then labels it as Critics’ Pick. Then, Mark Olson of the Angeles Times calls the movie as the movie that is quietly unnerving. John DeFore of The Hollywood Reporter also give his comment about this movie. He say that this movie stands apart from the true-crime pack and calls  the portrayal of Dahmer that was done by Swant is eerily convincing. There is also John Gholson from that also give his comment and he says that he goes so far as to say that this movie is one of the greatest serial killer movies ever made. So, after reading the synopsis and also the comments that are given by the audiences that mostly give positive reviews, you possible want to watch it soon. So, just subscribe Netflix now and watch the movie!

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