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As this year is near the end and the new year begins, a lot of people everywhere are looking to improve themselves. Every resolution can require anything from saving more money, learning something like the new language, eating healthier, and so on. Even though you know exactly what you want to achieve, sometimes, you still need a little push in order to reach your goals. In this case, you need a spark of inspiration. If you feel like you need that thing, you can check out this following list to discover some inspirational movies you can stream on Netflix.

The first recommended inspirational movies on Netflix is called Under the Tuscan Sun. In the movie, an actress named Diane Lane starts as Frances Mayes. She is a writer who is living in San Fransisco, the United States. Diane finds out that her beloved husband has been having the affair. The worst thing is that her husband and his affair are expecting a child. Fortunately, her best friends are always with her. They encourage her to take the vacation to Tuscany, Italy. She uproots her life once she arrives in Tuscany. He also buys the broken down villa there. At first, she struggles to adjust with her new place. However, she decides to remodel her fixer upper into her dream home. She also makes new friends and looks for love in Under the Tuscan Sun.

The second one is Good Will Hunting. It is a 1993 drama. In the drama, Matt Damon plays as a blue collar 20 years old living in south Boston named Will Hunting. Apparently, Will finds himself working as the janitor at MIT as the punishment for assaulting the police officer. One day, there is a professor who catches him completing the near impossible math equation. The professor discovers that Will is a self taught genius. Robin William also plays in this movie. He portrays as the therapist who meets Will and encourages hm to rise his potential and embrace his abilities. Aside from two of them, some actors who starred in this movie are Ben Affleck, Stellan Skargard, Minnie Driver, and Casey Afleck.

The next inspirational movie on Netflix you have to watch is Begin Again. The movie is about the two strangers named Dan Mulligan (played by Mark Ruffalo) and Gretta James (played by Keira Knightley). Two of them have a lot of common things. Both are passionate about music and have both hit rough patches in their lives. In the movie, Dan is fired from his position as the executive at the record label. To make it perfect, he is also estranged from his wife. On the other hand, the girl name Gretta is struggling as the singer songwriter. Her boyfriend (played by Adam Levine) cheats on her and used their material to become popular. Then, Dan and Gretta cross their paths. They inspire each other and use their past heartbreak and the new hope to make the beautiful music. In this drama, you will also see James Corden, Hailee Stenfeld, Mos Def, and Cee Lo Green.

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