How to Sign Up for Netflix

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Netflix is known as the online streaming service that offers the wide variety of media content in the exchange for the modest monthly fee. When you subscribe, you will get the benefit from Netflix’s extensive catalog of movies, television series, original productions, and documentaries. All of them can be watched from computer, console, smartphone, or tablet.

Apparently, Netflix is the monthly subscription service. However, you can try out the service of Netflix during the one month trial period, if you are still not sure about it. Then, how to sign up for Netflix?

The way to sign up for Netflix is different from every device but the difference is not a lot. For those who use desktop, the first thing you have to do is to open the official website of Netflix. Second, click Join Free for a Month. Third, click on the payment plan. Forth, click Continue. Fifth, fill the column of the “email address”. Please use the current and active email. Sixth, fill the column of the “password”. Seventh, click “Register”. Eighth, click your preferred plan. Ninth, click “Start Membership”. In this stage, you can choose either “Standard Definition” or “High Definition Blu-Ray”. Tenth, fill your phone number and then click “Continue”. Eleventh, click each pertinent device icon. For your information, those are the devices with which you will use Netflix. Please click Continue after that. Twelfth, fill the column of “username”. Just click “Continue” after that. Thirteenth, click three shows you love. Afterward, click “Continue”. The last thing you have to do is to review the page of Netflix. At that time, your account will be active.

How to Sign Up for Netflix

Talking about the plan on Netflix, you will have access to one of the three plans when the free month is up. Each plan of Netflix has its own unique feature. If you plan to subscribe to any of the plans, you have the unlimited access to movies and TV shows on Netflix. You can cancel at any time you want. The good news is that the first month is free. As addition, you can also stream from the laptop, phone or tablet.

The first plan is basic plan. The price of it is US$7.99 per month. With this one, you are only able to stream from one of the device at a time. Another weakness is that you cannot stream in HD or Ultra HD. The second one is standard plan. You have to pay US$9.99 per month to enjoy this plan. By choosing this plan, you can stream HD videos but you are not allowed to use more than two devices at a time. The last one is premium plan. It costs US$11.99 per month. It is like a perfect one as you can stream in HD and Ultra HD and you can watch on four different screens at a time.

As for those the users of Android of iOS, to sign up for Netflix is similar as the steps above. The only different is that you have to download the app of Netflix first on Google Play Store or App Store.

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