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Now, people can easily watch the shows that they want anytime and anywhere. It is because there are some streaming service providers that allow people to watch movies, documentaries, and many more shows. One of the streaming services that is popular presently is Netflix. Netflix offers 3 membership plans with different price including Basic Plan, Standard Plan and Premium Plan. The difference of those 3 memberships is on the number of screens and also quality. You can choose one of the plans based on your need.

For you who are new in using Netflix, perhaps you are still confused how to use it. In this chance, we are going to give you the steps how to search on Netflix. For your information, Netflix uses various methods to help you to find movies and TV shows to enjoy. You are able to find movies and TV shows via Recommendations or Search or even by browsing via categories. To give you aid to discover your new favorite movies or TV shows, Netflix gives recommendations and displays them in rows for you to browse through. Several examples of Recommendations rows are: Trending Now, Exciting TV Shows, Recently Added, Comedies, Top Picks For You, and so on. Netflix uses various factors to determine which movies and TV shows to show you. Besides, Netflix also permits you to search for TV shows and movies in various ways.

In case something you search for is not available, Netflix will suggest the same titles which you might enjoy. In case something you search for is too vague, Netflix will provide suggestions for people, titles, genres or directors which might be relevant. Sometimes, Netflix will have a placeholder for Movie or TV shows which can be found in search but does not have a play button. These are particularly for upcoming titles not yet available. On most devices, you will be given the option to choose Browse and select from one of a lot of categories Netflix has available. There, you can choose the sub-genre to narrow your search even further. Depending on the device that you are using to stream, Netflix provides various ways to browse content that consist of Rows and Highlighted Titles. For Rows, Netflix has rows based on the viewing habits of the members. The rows can be scrolled to see more titles. Rows also will adjust based on how much you use them. For highlighted titles, Netflix displays highlighted movies or TV shows that we think you can enjoy. In particular, these are at the top of the screen with a big picture to represent the movie or TV show which is suggested.

Besides, you can also use free web apps that offer a better way to search for TV shows and movies that you want to watch. They are Flixed, Flixist, Flixsearch, FlickSurfer, Instantwatcher, Just Watch, Leanflix, Netflix Roulette, Sense, and uNoGS. So, you can try to search the movies and TV shows that you really want to watch by using these apps or the methods that we have mentioned in the previous paragraph.

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