How to Logout of Netflix on Wii

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Do you subscribe Netflix? What device you use to enjoy Netflix? Netflix has more than 36 million members in 40 countries. All the devices such as smartphones, game consoles, and laptops all have the ability to access the service. If you are a subscriber of Netflix and also a user of Wii, you might want to read this article below as a knowledge. If you are looking for the information about how to log out of Netflix on Wii, you are on the right place. It is because you will be informed how to do it with just a couple of clicks.

Actually, it is kind of impossible to log out of the account of Netflix and sign back in to another one because your account of Netflix is saved on your Wii. However, you are able to remove the data of Netflix from the game console and then deactivate the current account of Netflix. The moment you deactivated the account on Wii, the channel of Netflix cannot be opened again. In this case, you have to sign in with the different account.

To log out of Netflix on Wii, the first thing you have to do is to know first what kind of Wii do you use. if you use Wii U, you have to go to home screen of Wii U first or turn it on if you have not already. Then,access the app of Netflix on your Wii U. The next thing you have to do is to use the Wii control pad to press the following sequence: Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, Up, Up, Up, Up. after that, please select “Sign Out” or “Deactivate”. Finally, you should have successfully logged out. After that, you will see the option to sign in with the different account of Netflix.

For those the users of Wii, here are the steps to log out of Netflix on Wii. First, go to the home screen of Wii. This step has another way which is turning the console if you have not already. Second, navigate to the bottom left corner of the home screen of Wii and click on the icon of Wii as soon as you see it. Third, click on “Data Management”. Fourth, then click on “Saved Data”. Fifth, select “Wii”. Sixth, then you will see a list of items on the scren. Please select “Netflix” from the list by clicking on the N icon. Seventh, select “Erase”. Eighth, confirm that you really want to sign out of your account of Netflix. To do it, please select “Yes”. Ninth, press “Back” continuously to return to the home screen of Wii. Finally, you have successfully signed out and you will be offered the option to log in with another account of Netflix if you want or need to.

Remember that once you removed the account of Netflix from Wii, you are not be able to use the app of Netflix anymore until you log in with the active account of Netflix. for you who want to use Netflix again, you have to click on the channel of Netflix and log in with the active Netflix email username and password.

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