How to Fix Netflix Won’t Play

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Netflix is a streaming service that is popular. It can be accessed by more than 190 countries. On Netflix, you have a legal access to watch a wide variety of movies, award-winning TV shows, documentaries and many more. When you use Netflix, sometimes you probably find that your Netflix cannot play. Then, you do not know how to do. Do not contact the customer service or expert first because you can try to fix that issue by yourself. In this article, we are going to explain about the solution.

If you find that your Netflix cannot play or cannot work, the cause can be a network connectivity issue, an issue with your Netflix app or account or an issue with your device. To go back to watch, you can check first whether there is an error code or error message that comes up on the screen. If you see that there is a code or message, you can enter the code or message into the search bar on There, Netflix will give you steps tailored to the issue that you are seeing.

When you try to play a TV show or movie, then you find that it freezes instead. If it happens, it indicates that information stored on your device which needs to be refreshed. To fix this issue, you can try to sign out of Netflix, restart your device, check your date and time settings, uninstall and reinstall the Silverlight plug in, test your internet connection, confirm your Xbox’s DNS settings or clear the system cache if you use Xbox 360, or even you can contact your device manufacturer if all the methods have been done by yourself. In case you use Smart TV and you find that Netflix won’t play or freezes, you can try to sign out. To do that, you can start from the home screen of Netflix. Then, navigate up and choose Settings or the gear icon. After that, choose Sign out and choose Yes to confirm your request. If you have signed out, then sign back in and then try Netflix again. If this method doesn’t work, you can try to restart your device. Unplug the device from power for minimum 1 minute. When you unplug the device, you need to hit the button of power on the device to discharge it. Then, plug your device back in. Turn on your device with the power button and then try Netflix again.

If you find a black screen when you try to stream Netflix on your PC or Mac, you can try to do Netflix cookie clearing website. This methods will sign out of Netflix and omit some files from your computer.   If you have finished with this method, go back to Netflix and sign in. If this way doesn’t work, you can close your browser completely and then streaming. In case this method doesn’t work as well, you can try to use Chrome or FireFox instead of Safari or Internet Explorer. You probably need to uninstall the Silverlight Plugin from your computer as well. Even the other problems may include FireFox plugins and antivirus software.

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