How to Connect Netflix to TV

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After building its reputation on convenient movie rentals by mail, one of the biggest entertainment companies known as Netflix now offers even more convenient which is called Internet video streaming. This kind of service is more known as Watch Instantly. This one allows the customers instant access to the huge selection of movies online. There are many methods to watch movies and TV shows from Netflix on your TV at home. All you need to have is the device with the app of Netflix. the app of Netflix itself is available on many devices including Smart TVs, game consoles, streaming media players, set top boxes, and Blu-ray players.

For those who use laptop, here are the steps to connect Netflix to TV. The first one is to identify the output ports on your laptop. The second one is to connect your laptop’s output port to the input on your TV. The third one is to connect your laptop’s headphone jack to the audio input on your TV (if it is needed). The fourth one is to turn on your laptop. The fifth one is to switch your laptop’s primary display. The sixth one is to set your TV as the sound playback device. The seventh one is to sign into the official website of Netflix. the eighth one is to start playing the movie or television show you want to watch.

For those who have Smart TV, here are the instructions for you. The first thing you have to do is to determine if your TV is the Smart TV. Then, connect your Smart TV to your home network. Afterward, open your Smart TV apps. The next thing is to select the app of Netflix. After that, login with your account of Netflix. Lastly, browse using your remote.

For the users of Chromecast, please read these following instructions. First, get the Chromecast if you have the Android or iPhone. Second, connect the Chromecast to the TV’s HDMI cable. Third, connect the Chromecast to the power source. Fourth, turn on the TV and select the input of the Chromecast. Fifth, download the app of the Chromecast on the Android or iPhone. Sixth, launch the app of Chromecast and tap the tab written “Devices”. Seventh, tap “Setup” and then “Setup” again. Eighth, tap “I ses the code” if the codes on the device and TV match. Ninth, give the Chromecast a name (this one is optional). Tenth, select the wireless network that you want the Chromecast to connect to. Eleventh, wait for the Chromecast to update (if it is needed). Twelfth, download the app of Netflix for your Android or iPhone. Thirteenth, open the app of Netflix and log in with your account of Netflix. Fourteenth, tap the button of Chromecast and select your Chromecast. Fifteenth, find the movie or television show you want to watch. Sixteenth, tap the movie or TV show to begin playing it on the TV. Seventeenth, control the playback using the app of Netflix. eighteenth, use the app of Netflix whenever you want to watch on the TV.

You are able to find more about the compatible devices and brands at the official website of Netflix or just read on to check if your TV is already Netflix-ready. If you have more questions, you can call the customer service of Netflix anytime.

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