How to Clear Netflix Recently Watched

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Netflix provides a lot of movies in a wide variety of genres. Horror, drama, mystery, history, comedy, indie or even kids movies are available there. There is a moment where you want to watch a movie in which it can be shameful if your friends know that you watched that movie. If you like watching Ratatouille for example but you do not want anyone knows about that, you do not need to worry again. If you watch it on Netflix, you can clear the history of Netflix recently watched. Well, you can do delete the recently watched movies and shows by following the steps below.

  1. The first thing that you need to do is to log in to the website of Netflix. Remember, you have to log in to website not the app because the mobile app cannot get access this option.
  2. After that, you have to choose your profile. In case a list of names pops up after you log in, you need to choose your profile. If the list does not come up, you can check the top right corner of your screen for a name and square image.
  3. Now, you need to visit your viewing activity page. It is done to see a list of your latest shows. You are able to get there by clicking the square profile icon that is located in the top right. Choose Your Account from the drop down menu and then scroll down. Click on Viewing Activity in the My Profile section. For example, you utilize Netflix on device besides a computer, and then you find that your Recently Watched page is empty, you are able to try to turn off the device and then turn it on again.
  4. In this stage, click the grey “X” that is located on the right of a movie name. It will clear the particular movie from your Recently Watched history. This process will take up to 24 hours to vanish from the other devices.
  5. You can also remove a whole television series. You can click “X” that is next to any episode in that series. The message which comes up should include a link for “Remove series?”. Click that button and the whole series should be deleted from the history within 24 hours.

Well, it is very easy to delete your recently watched movies or shows , isn’t it? You can also manage viewer settings with profiles. To do that, you can visit the profile page by using a supported device such as computer, PS3, PS4 or the Windows 8 Netflix app. Login and hover over the square profile image and name in the top right. Click Manage Profiles. If you have made a change, it should apply to all devices even though you need to restart them before they take the effect. Okay, now you do not be worried again if you want to watch any movie that perhaps your friends will say it weird because you can delete your recently watched history and even you can manage viewer settings.

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